Lessons from the Corona Pandemic

It feels like we’re living in some world war Z, The walking dead, and V wars type of shit up in here! The only difference is that this pandemic isn’t turning people into flesh-eating monsters or is it??

Queen Sono The Review!

Talk about having a series we can totally relate to!! I feel like I, like a lot of Africans are breathing a sigh of relief watching a series that we can say, ‘Hey!! I know how that feels like. I can totally relate.

The Valentine’s Dread!!

Valentines day is upon us…A day a lot of us dread present company included. It’s one of those days you’d rather float by, work through, study or hide if you can.

He popped the question! 💍

And there he was, on bended knee before my friends and family. In what was supposed to be movie night for us, turned out to be a surprise engagement. Was I shocked, yes!