Lessons from the Corona Pandemic

It feels like we’re living in some world war Z, The walking dead, and V wars type of shit up in here! The only difference is that this pandemic isn’t turning people into flesh-eating monsters or is it??

Queen Sono The Review!

Talk about having a series we can totally relate to!! I feel like I, like a lot of Africans are breathing a sigh of relief watching a series that we can say, ‘Hey!! I know how that feels like. I can totally relate.

The Valentine’s Dread!!

Valentines day is upon us…A day a lot of us dread present company included. It’s one of those days you’d rather float by, work through, study or hide if you can.

He popped the question! 💍

And there he was, on bended knee before my friends and family. In what was supposed to be movie night for us, turned out to be a surprise engagement. Was I shocked, yes!

Still dealing…

I value more now. I have realized that my people or even I might not be here for a very long time. And that's life; Valuing moments, the journey and the people in your life before times

Religious Situationships!!

And yes, human beings have brought sitauationships in matters faith and religion. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all. Now I understand that this is a huge, broad and controversial topic and that’s exactly why Marykenya decided to tackle it. And before you go through this well thought out piece, I’d like to state that