A mother’s day special

(Sigh…)Where do I even start, there’s so much I want to say but even as a writer, trying to put everything in the right sequence is a bit difficult because of all the good things I want to state. But first, I would like to say thank you for everything you have done for Ben (my brother) and I. You are literally a super mom, and we’ve seen you work tirelessly to make sure we always get the best. You’re beautiful both inside and out, smart, amazing, supportive and let’s just say that you’re a true definition of love and strength.

Our mum is amazing!!! And writing this brings stuff into a better perspective. It’s a bit emotional too, because looking back at the things she’s been through and came out as a winner, still surprises me. She’s an Angel with a halo but owe unto you if you dare cross her path. The lecture that will follow will make you want the entire ground to swallow you whole.

Mom always makes sure she’s instilled the right kind of discipline in us. She is stern with her rules,firm with her words, and what she requires from us. She’s an African mum!! With that, expect some flare of the dramatic, when some wrongs are a little exaggerated. And  while writing this, I’m laughing so hard remembering how her and my brother put up a show when she has to scold him…my brother is a bit of a wild one so not a day goes by without them brushing shoulders.

But besides  that she has always been there for Ben and I…she has raised us to the people we are today, and single handedly walked with us during the most difficult times of our lives and been our rock. She never breaks down before us, she’s always the one with the level head and is ready to turn into a mama bear just to protect her cubs.

Besides being a super mom she’s one of the best business minds/farmer I’ve interacted with, I’ve seen her learn from her mistakes, come up with better business ideas and is always willing to teach the ropes to whoever needs to learn about the trade. She’s a mentor to others too and I’ve seen so many young people look up to her.

She makes it look so easy…but she always says to us…”work hard, be true to yourself and dedicate all that you have, and what you want to do to God and see yourself walk through every difficult situation life puts you through.”

Mothers are amazing beings…they have been granted the greatest gift of bringing life to the universe and naturing it. They make sure you are healthy…eating well…have a roof over your head and protect you from any harm just to mention a few…Their lives literally come to a stand still from the moment they hold you in their arms, some of their careers pause for a significant amount of time or others completely stop, just to create enough time to raising us. Moms try figuring out how to make you comfortable and would do anything humanly possible just to see that smile on your face. They literally give you their lives.

So how do we even begin to thank them?? Flowers?? Gifts?? Trips? Lunch dates?? Dinner?? Well, this can be counted us some ideas to show our gratitude, but there’s nothing we could possibly do to thank them enough. The most we could do is to respect, love and always understand where they are coming from. Lets face it, we at times find ourselves not appreciative enough…we argue with them, we at times don’t want to accept their advice. But as I’ve said before..let’s try understanding them.

Mom’s are overall awesome…and on mothers  day, let’s appreciate them more…love them more and let’s continue following through with this not just today, but all through. And on that note, let’s appreciate the mother figures in our lives who provide guidance and support us through our different stages in life. And as for the single mothers who are doing it all on their own, let’s show more love than shade and for the first time moms let’s continue supporting them during this beautiful journey.

All in all mummy I love you so much and thank you for the inspiration.😊

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