Adulting at 25!

I talk to myself a lot. It’s weird I know but it calms me…it gives me a different point of view when in crisis and also helps me to appreciate situations that at I tend to over look at times. A quarter century old and what I can say is that celebrating my birthday was filled with a lot of mixed emotions. I was happy and grateful because I spent it with an amazing human being who went above and beyond to make sure I kept smiling all through. But a bit scared because I’m still not sure what the future holds for me. Plus I feel hella old.

Looking back, I feel grown…!! I think 2018, no scratch that, I know 2018  has been an year full of lessons, growth and adventure…I mean where do I start?

First of all, love…love just manifested itself in a different way. I took loving myself seriously and to another level. I started putting myself first and this was the best decision of my life!! Please don’t get me wrong if you think personal love means being selfish…well, in more ways than than one, I feel like it’s the good kind of selfish…the necessary kind. I wake up everyday and I tell myself..” I love you and no matter what life throws at us, (yes I refer to myself as the third person in all my conversations.) Even at our lowest we will always find our way back to our core.

I’m currently loving my present…I work on two passion projects the biggest one being Marykenyablog 💜 my very own creation, my first born(yes I know I can be corky about it). Marykenyablog has made me step up. Then I work on productions for mainstream TV as a Director. Creating for me is a form of magic and seeing it come to life just gives me a special kind of high. My mission now is to bring these two together to create more magic!!!! It’s a bit scary because I have no clue where to start but I’m amazing I’ll figure it out 😊God I thank you for favor…thank you..thank you.

My future…aaaahhhh!!!! I’m so focused yet sooooo confused about it that it literally stresses me out. Individually, I want to work on other projects that will help me and hopefully my family… FYI, I’m working towards achieving generational wealth…I want my partner, parents and children to feel safe because like it or not, money makes a lot of things easier and obviously want my children, and their children to at least have a leg up.

WellI pray that what I love doing, will give back.

My relationships…I tend to stay mum about them because I’ve not had the best track record but when it’s good for the soul, I’d want to keep it private or sacred just between me and the other person. I’ve been a relationship type of girl ☺️ it’s old school but that’s me. Hook ups scare me half to death because I don’t believe in them because I get invested in someone completely!! I get attached and that’s why I quickly run to the opposite direction when I smell a hook up.

For now, I pray that the person I love, is as obsessed with me as I am with him, finding someone who gets you and makes your soul happy and content I believe is worth it in the end… and no matter how it goes, I want it to be amazing…I would not know how to handle an Otile, Vera situation…SMH

In the end, I want to live a life that is purposeful and full of amazing memories. I want to love those who are dearest to me and change people’s lives positively through my work. I thank god for bringing me this far, holding my hand every step of the way and giving me a Mom who’s been a rock and a brother who has been my greatest cheerleader…I am the human I am today because of you…thank you and to many many more.

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