Being Marykenya

My journey of share:

I want to be the girl who went for it…the girl who decided not to settle for anything…I want to be the girl who was stupid scared to try something new but decided to go through it anyway.

…I want to be the girl who is truly happy, not social media happy, just genuinely happy. The kind of happy that is good for the soul

…I want to be a Warrior Queen…I want to fight my battles and win!! Buuuuttt keeping in mind that I might not win them all. I’m prepared to learn when I lose because in this life, you win some and you lose   learn some.

…I want to be able to feel pain and let it go when it’s time because I realized pain is necessary for healing to take place.

…I want to feel love…love that is real, pure and genuine. Now, I’m grown enough to understand that it has to start with me. I have to be the embodiment of love…and through the motions, I have been on a journey of self love that has just been amazeballs.

I am in love with who I am and becoming… I’m taking in every aspect of who I am…the good, the bad, and the ugliest…I love it all and I’m ready to make myself a better person because I’m aware that I’m not where I need to be buuuttt… I’m proud of how far I’ve come… I believe I’m becoming an amazing human being day by day.

As I learn…as I continue working on who I really I’m, I understand that not every day will be sunshine and rainbows…there are days that will feel like horrible scary scenes from Game of Thrones or The walking dead but you know what! I know I’ll be okay…I know I’ll kick ass crying and making the ugly cry face but I know I’ll be okay… I’ll be great!!

“…nothing lasts forever” A voice echoes in the back of my mind.  “What can I take out of this experience?? What is there to learn from it??” Weeeellll, I can only hope that I will follow through… crossing my fingers* it’s easier said than done..jus saying.

Well the idea was to end it here but…the writer in me says… Write!! Preach!!

I want to be at peace with who I am as a person…I want both my mental and physical health to be top notch…!! I want to learn something new everyday. I believe even the smallest thing can change my day or heck even my life…

I value Independence and that is something I constantly work towards achieving. Now I know you might think Independence only lies in the Maanneyy!! The Mulllaahh!! But not really well of course I want to take private flights around the world and own my own mansion in Hollywood, but far from that, I want to gain mental and emotional Independence *Peace. I want to be a strong Lady!!

Lastly I want, to live my best life… life in itself is precious and I want to look back and say, “Yes I did my very best and did what I could and experienced everything, the beauty and the ugliness… I want to be great!!

While writing this piece I didn’t think it would be THIS LONG!! I just hope you guys continue reading it and share in it’s magic…


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