A better steal skill?

The wahenga’s (what we call the wise in a Kenya/African society) we’ve all grown up learning of their wisdom and in awe, of how well they thought out every single proverb, I believe didn’t really get it right when they said good deeds are always rewarded by good. I think this saying was a bit relative. Why? Because in this particular world that we live in, portrays a completely different picture especially when you look at the justice system that has been set in place. It’s a rich man’s society that was meant to serve only him.

As kids we are taught basic lessons such as; don’t steal, cheat or do something that would hurt another person. “It’s wrong” they said. “The world will punish you for the awful deed.” Certain tales were given of how punishments such as being taken to jail or killed, if one in engaged in such acts. This put the fear of God in us and from then on we offered to live the right way by following the rules and owning up if we did wrong…but that system kept changing and we preffered adjusting to what suited our needs. Can you blame us?? We’ve just been reading from a script we’ve seen working out.

We’ve grown up watching people around us taking and receiving bribes to get out of a fix…we’ve been caught up with small, small demeanor issues just to get by and sometimes had to withhold some truths to avoid problems…we’ve all done it and continue doing it just to save face but where do we draw the line? Where would you say that one has completely passed on to the dark side to a point of no return??

Now I’m sure that after reading that particular statement you’ve pointed out a couple of deeds which would include: robbery with violence, murder, illegally acquiring people’s property and so many others which, at this point would level up with the kind of understanding you have with yourself and your maker.

Steal…lie… and to some sad point kill as much as you can, just to get what you want! Do you know where the loop hole is?? Not being caught or incriminated. That is what we see happening everywhere with politicians, companies and our community too. We’ve basically lost the very essence that made us human by literally trading our souls to the devil just to emerge as the top dog.

Money and power is the ultimate goal for most people walking these streets…they crave it and they worship it, and do anything possible just to have a piece of the pie. Obviously, these two usually come at a price that is most times too high to pay but we go ahead and do it anyway because we believe or we have been taught that that’s the true definition of success.

It’s sort of a dangerous attraction if you ask me. Why lie we admire this ladies and gents ‘wako roho juu’ (courageous) as we like to refer to them…we admire the kind of skill and determination they put into this art. The art of acquiring things the wrong way.

If you keenly look at events that date a while back, we can clearly see that this is the main trend and it becomes more of a ‘pinch me’ moment when you use African countries as your example. Our resources are practically ran and handled by money hungry beings that aim to suck the life out of anything they touch for themselves. It’s a sad reality because even if you remove them from power, the ones that come to replace them are practically the same…there’s no difference they just pick up from their predecessors.

No punishments are given to them but, we tend to worship these people and would do anything to trade places with these people. Look at most retired African leaders today. They are comfortably living good retirement lives having secured their present, and for their future generations. Leaders that are elected after them, come and repeat the same trend differently and leave with full pockets or sometimes refuse to leave and move from one position of power to the next. Why? Because we simply let them. Meanwhile we the common ‘mwananchi’ citizen continue to struggle for basic needs such food, clothing and better housing.

The elections mean nothing if all we care about is stealing and protecting dynasties…no!! Something needs to be done, and it needs to be done fast! Otherwise…we will continue having no jobs, and if we are lucky enough to have them, will have ones that can barely meet our basic needs…we’ll continue having poor infrastructure, luck the ability to acquire better health services and continue living from hand to mouth because of the broken systems.

The justice systems have been messed up especially for most third world countries that don’t have strong systems like our fellow first world countries. But generally I think it’s safe to say we are all kinds of messed up maybe in different ways and levels. The justice system is there for the rich guy not the poor guy. Case and point: steal a chicken and you will get a jail term of 6 years with no parole but grab acres and acres of land from the poor and leave them in the cold, you will walk scott free and even get a chance to run for office and win!!

You see what I’m trying to mean…the higher the crime and the deeper your pockets the more you’re a darling to the courts system and society. And please don’t get me wrong because I don’t mean the chicken thief should be set free rather, get a system that works for both thieves.

Either way do good regardless. For a difference to be felt, it has to start with..you..me…us…let’s not entertain the people who keep on taking from us…let  us instead appreciate those who do good not for anyone to see or recognize but because it is the right thing to do. It doesn’t cost much, but it is prove that there some good left within us…let us not give this rogue politcians our time…let us not entertain leaders or bosses who are out to oppress us no…!! Let’s make effort to write a better narrative.

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