Big little monsters

I am calm..I am at peace…I’m in control. These are some of the affirmations I repeat to myself before I begin my day. Why you ask? Because we live in a very toxic world. Before a whole 24 hours is done, we find ourselves dealing with a lot of uncomfortable situations. We at times get to handle more than we could imagine and once you get to look back at those events, you even wonder how you did it!!

Problems and issues arise from different areas of our lives, be it family based, relationships or work related and due to this, we find ourselves developing a common term we like throwing around called stress. Stress often causes an imbalance that is manifested differently either emotionally, physically or both. It becomes a sickness that drains your energy and shine.

Well, while going through the Internet doing my various research, I came across this saying that kept popping up that echoed: Problems will always arise time and again to everyone, anyone and at anytime. But how you handle it, is what defines the person you are…a worrier or a warrior! How do you react to bad news? How do you carry out damage control?

We all have different ways of dealing with stress…you either cry it out, have a drink, roll a blunt, call a friend for help or pray about it. Well sometime in the past, I was the biggest cry baby. I often chose to lock myself in a room and just let it all out…but with time, I’ve grown up and developed different ways of dealing with stress. I’m not saying crying your problems away is wrong however embarrassing it sounds, but it works in different situations. Crying it out, even if it takes five minutes, helps me clear my mind. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that crying is a sign of weakness.

Over the years though, I have learnt a couple of stuff. Remember that with age, comes more experience hence more wisdom. Ha!

First, if I’m faced with something that I can’t handle immediately, I just leave it alone. As much as I find myself dragging it along, I try not to think about it because all it does is just eat me up and nothing is gained. Or at times I’ll just be completely anti social not forgetting a nasty mood which spoils even the good elements. So, to emphasize on what I stated earlier, if you can’t handle it then just let it be.

Besides crying, I realized that when I’m under stressful situations, I tend to sleep a loooooot!!! This was just a super lame way I used to avoid issues.The more I slept, the more I avoided dealing with the problem but this just made it worse to the extent of letting it just pile up creating a bigger monster, that led me into putting in more effort to solve the matter than what I would have done before.

So as time goes by, I try facing my problems head on. No matter how uncomfortable it usually is most times. I just take in a few deep breaths, pump myself up…’it’s now or never and plus there’s no magic that will wish away your problem so just do it!’

Striking the balance in life is one of the most difficult and confusing task in life but to have a life that is fulfilling and rich, I believe one should dedicate their lives to mastering this art. In other words, learn to smile at your problems and watch yourself kick a** every time.

The big little monsters are what craft us to better beings…they sharpen our problem solving system because remember that every stage of your life requires a different you. So make a point of creating aย  2.0 version of yourself. If you’re fighting a big monster…keep in mind that nothing lasts forever. You’ll get through it and inspire someone else with your story so hold on you got this! The monsters got nothing on you! (Insert American accent)

P.S: I’m constantly walking on this journey…it sucks most times but that’s exactly what makes it all worth it.

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