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So a couple of people have asked how I’ve been persistent over the time with Marykenyablog and here’s the thing, I don’t have a particular answer buuuutttt….I have some pointers I could share with you awesome people which, wouldn’t help in writing alone but also in other projects as well.

Let’s get started shall we…

1. Always have a plan:-

Which always leads to the next important pointer: what do you want to achieve??
The thing about me, is I’m always the girl with the plan. I always want to work an angle in whatever I have interests in. I now realize that particular statement made me sound like the devil but it’s true 😂 I always have a plan in place that will help me achieve the goal I have in mind.

With Marykenyablog, I had certain plans for it and I also had certain goals I needed to achieve and I’m more than happy to share them with you:-

a). I wanted to create content that was relatable to my readers everywhere. I’m a proud Kenyan from Africa but I wanted my content to surpass borders. I wanted someone to go through my work and just relate to it and hopefully, provide information that will in turn help them with whatever they have been going through. I live by the motto that everyday is a learning process. I stand to learn something new everyday. So I aim to learn more as I create content and I hope that my readers in turn, learn from my work.

b) I wanted to create content that was entertaining. I wanted to bring out humor in my pieces. I know I’m not a stand up comedian or any comedian in that matter, but I wanted my content to make people laugh, and be happy and leave them a little lighter than I left them because, I know how content from other creators, has helped me through the toughest moments or just generally cracked me up to a point of not having any air in my lungs. So yeah..!! I’m smiling at this statement.

c) I wanted my platform to be a safe space for everyone, and under any topic. I wanted to create a platform where I would address issues that I feel needed to be raised and in return, have a platform where my readers and I would explore them under the safety umbrella that is Marykenyablog. Agreeing to disagree but at the end, be safe.

So those are my main pointers…my goals have solely depended on the plans I made and my plans included a couple of steps and pointers that I hopefully arrange in a way that you lovely people will understand.

1b) Always lay out content that you want to write about and with that, make a point of researching them extensively so as to give your audience the right information.

For me when a brand new month starts, I always make a point of laying the 4 or 5 posts to work on for that month. And with that, I arrange them in a way that will align with the weeks to come.

And even though I have a plan laid out, I’m usually not afraid to break away and have other topics to address. And this usually occurs when certain topics that are news worthy come up and I feel the need to address them. So in soooo many words, what I’m trying to say is that you need to have a plan because failure to plan, is planning to fail. But even with a plan in hand, dont be afraid to twick it for amazing content.

2) Discipline and Persistence
These two best friends should also be your best friends too because let’s face it, at times you’re usually not at your best or are not motivated enough or you’re just not up to it. Now, this is where Discipline and Persistence comes in. These two make sure the ‘what’s needed to be done, is done!’

They keep you going on those days where you have no one on your corner, even yourself. They give you strength to keep going. Discipline for me helps me keep a schedule. It helps me wake up at my 6.00am  because I have never been a morning person. My passion runs out and those early mornings seem annoying as a mother flanka. But Miss discipline makes sure I’m up!!

Just don’t give up on anything…work persistently hard and ignore the noise.

Also… moving on

I make a point of reading. Reading helps me keep my sanity. Reading for me is a safe space and while at it, I learn from people who are seemingly more awesome than I am…I get to pick their brain literally as I explore different writing genres and pick up tips here and there that help me build and create my own brand as Marykenyablog. 💜

Mistakes suck but we still keep on trying…

Learn from your mistakes. Don’t let them put you down. You will not always take off immediately. It may take a couple of trials but the trick is to never give up. Appreciate the small wins and learn how to pick yourself up after you fall because trust me, it will be a lot of times.

Oiioiiih I almost forgot! I’m ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS! Writing. I’m never not writing even on my laziest days, I make a point of writing. It keeps me on toes. I write for myself and at times a lot of the content I write doesn’t make it here because a lot of it is just crazy talk that would probably leave some of you looking at me a little cray cray…but yes I believe practice and more practice makes perfect!!!

So there you have it, there goes my very juicy knowledge that will help any reader aspiring to be an amazing writer. Plus feel free to share what has helped in your writing journey.

Blogging 101 by yours truly: Marykenyablog 💜


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