At first sight

…We had crossed paths a couple of times but I may not have acknowledged your presence…maybe I was too young or too naïve to understand what I really felt towards you but as time went by, I started to appreciate your presence in my life.

I always looked up to you…admired your skill and your thought process, blew me away and I figure that’s when both our fates were intertwined. Our very unusual bond grew stronger and I recall that people never understood what we had. They chose not to respect it and thought I was obsessed…!

My dear…my heart…you’ve really taught me a lot. Over the years…you’ve showed me that the world I live in is an amazing play ground with lots to offer…of course you made it very clear that it wasn’t all roses and peaches but in a crazy way, you somehow helped me face it with both certainty and uncertainty.

…You showed me the world just by listening and watching you, you burnt up a fire inside me that drives me till this very day and I can never thank you enough for that precious gift.

When I decided to take on my journey, you were always there for me. You made sure my indifferences made me better. One thing I’ll always thank you for, was handing me an over active imagination. Sure it messed up my reality at times, but it always got me one step ahead of everything I needed to do. It helped create my thought process and this was mostly clear when I sat down to do my essays in school. My spellings might have been wrong but my stories were spot on..!

School was never a piece of cake for me…but it was more bearable knowing that at the end of the day, I’d go back home to you and you’d know how to make it better. Funny thing  though, despite me hating school, I found myself going back to learn more about you…how you worked…what made you tick and what made us two piece in a pod. I got to study you all over again and on another level which was pretty awesome and cool…

Seeing content being created, has been a fascinating experience…I can never imagine myself working anywhere else except with you…TELEVISION (MEDIA INDUSTRY) you’ve played a major role in molding me to the person i am today and am forever grateful. I am still on the journey and despite it being a bumpy and uncomfortable ride at times am willing to stay on that path…
…my dream…oh sorry I meant our dream that still burns deep down gives me a huge kick in the morning and gets me out of bed…and after thanking the Almighty for the gift of life…I smile because am happy you gave me a purpose….the drive and zeal to be better…

…writing this wasn’t easy. Trying to express your love and gratitude towards something or someone proves difficult most times…but I hope that as you read this, you’ll do it with a smile on your face and the thought of being a little bit crazy, will be taken just fine. 🙂



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