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The Book Review

It’s a wise book written in seven parts that is 1000% recommended to everyone; How to stop worrying and start living!

Trevor Noah Born a Crime: The Review

Now, before I start this review, let me state that I’ve been a HUGE fan of Trevor from the moment I watched his first videos on YouTube. His comedy has been my form of therapy, a source of laughter and  an enlightening source of information; (I find myself well informed about American politics courtesy of

The review: Drunk by Jackson Biko

Story telling at its best!! Is the ideal review I’d give the book. A day was all I needed and honestly speaking without any biasness, it was a damn good read. I didn’t want to put it down. …I went from page to page seeking to uncover the mystery that kept me hungry the whole

Sit at the Table

Lean in By Sheryl Sandberg When I came up with Marykenyablog, I created a book review segment with the intention of reviewing the books I read every month. I wanted to integrate my love for books and my love for writing on this amazing platform but things never worked out as I hoped, mostly because