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Not so Cupid

2 MINUTES READ The greatest feeling in the world is to love and be loved back with the same kind of energy. To give your soul to a person that promises to not only keep it, but to also nourish it as time goes by. To feel safe in someone else’s arms is a dream…and

Social Hack

I still can’t figure out social media…aaaarrgghh!!!!…Kicking and screaming!  Maybe I’m not cool enough for the social media fam…Or maybe I’m just not from this century…I’m really leaning towards the second opinion because it truly feels like I don’t belong. Those are some of the conspiracy theories that have been cooked up by my brain

Win or Learn

Failure is never the end…it’s just the beginning of something great if you let it be.. The past year for me has taught me a couple of things and the most important one I must say, is the value of failure. Running Marykenyablog and other hustles has taught me to respect failure because of the

Being Marykenya

My journey of share: I want to be the girl who went for it…the girl who decided not to settle for anything…I want to be the girl who was stupid scared to try something new but decided to go through it anyway. …I want to be the girl who is truly happy, not social media

Naked Truth

Driving on the highway in silence is something that I never mind doing. I love the calm feeling it brings along. But it gets wierd when the silence between two people becomes deafening on these rides and you don’t understand where it is coming from…I’ve been silent for quite some time now, and the most

Stereo love

Most times when I’m leaving the house, there’s one essential thing I always have on me, my earphones or headphones. Music is truly a special part of me and I’m sure this also applies to a lot of you who might be reading this special piece. Music is life wouldn’t you say? Music touches our

Adulting at 25!

I talk to myself a lot. It’s weird I know but it calms me…it gives me a different point of view when in crisis and also helps me to appreciate situations that at I tend to over look at times. A quarter century old and what I can say is that celebrating my birthday was

My Flag

Hey, I’m Marykenya and here’s My true story about my dear, lovely, yet very confused country Kenya. Now I know we’re supposed to show patriotism towards our country but the last couple of years have been quite unique and eventful from the double dose of elections, to the continuous and outrageous mismanagement of funds, and

Dear diary.

Fresh faced at 22 years ready to join the work force was me in 2015. I was fortunate enough to get a job offer a month after graduation and I was ready to rock!! I mean…it could only get better don’t you think? I had a lot of expectations in life, the world was my

The devil in the details

Today’s generation has been hell bent on kicking out all the negativity in their lives and as usual, social media has on countless occasions been used to prove this point. We know the quotes all to well. And I think at this point, a lot of us would sing them out loud like our favorite