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Not so Cupid

2 MINUTES READ The greatest feeling in the world is to love and be loved back with the same kind of energy. To give your soul to a person that promises to not only keep it, but to also nourish it as time goes by. To feel safe in someone else’s arms is a dream…and

Social Hack

I still can’t figure out social media…aaaarrgghh!!!!…Kicking and screaming!  Maybe I’m not cool enough for the social media fam…Or maybe I’m just not from this century…I’m really leaning towards the second opinion because it truly feels like I don’t belong. Those are some of the conspiracy theories that have been cooked up by my brain

Perfect Gift

Tis the season So I stood there at the Muindi shop (an Indian based store) staring at the clothes and the accessories that were placed before me. They all could have served as amazing options but I felt like I needed to do something different and special with this particular decision. “The shirt is exquisite,

Start ups with Marykenya

Business is hard no matter the nature of it. Ask any entrepreneur, business can be brutal to your soul and pockets but this statement is not to scare you off, this is just to get your attention. Marykenyablog for me and other projects close to my heart have been a testament to this fact. There

Stereo love

Most times when I’m leaving the house, there’s one essential thing I always have on me, my earphones or headphones. Music is truly a special part of me and I’m sure this also applies to a lot of you who might be reading this special piece. Music is life wouldn’t you say? Music touches our

Unhappily ever after

A quick 3 minute read Love is blind, deaf and stupid! Sometimes* I’m sure a lot of us have been in situations that have left us thinking, ‘Where the F balls was my head?’ And yep Marykenya has been there too, so no judgement here. In this particular piece,  I’ll focus on the  feminine side

Contraceptive Talk

Standing in front of a pharmacy with an idea of what you’re going to buy gives two types of emotions; relief, or a feeling of guilt served with a side of embarrassment and this is highly dependant on what you’re going to buy. So, what feeling do you get when you’re about to buy protection??

Truth Train

Beeeeep!!! Beeeeep!!!! The alarm wakes her at 4am in the freaking morning. Reluctantly, she sighs as she struggles to get out of bed. She dreads to put her feet on the cold floor because in some crazy twisted way,  it acts like a rude reality check to her less delightful routine. It’s really annoying to

My love bug

You know how you fall in love with someone and not even realize it happened?!! Well...this has happened to me twice now and both times have been magnificent and beautiful.

Battle lines

The battle of the sexes has been one that can be dated back to the conception of time. The fight might have been a silent one…one that would not be voiced at the beginning, but it was always there lurking in the shadows. But where can we say this battle came full circle?? The moment