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Dear Black Folks

As people, we are defined by different things; social class, gender and race just to name a few. The color of our skin has been used to define us but that has never been a bad thing because I’m proud of being a black African woman the problem comes in  when someone uses it to

The Game Players

Love is a beautiful thing they say, find the right one and you’ll see the world different. They, whoever they’re, also say. Love is a very touchy subject because a lot of us can’t figure it out. But with this particular piece, now that I’ve gotten your attention, is all about convenient relationships so keep

Local Love 🎶🎶

#playkenyanmusic With every conflict there comes two sides of the story and for it to be truly resolved, the two sides should be given a chance to plead their case. My dear country people have been on a rocky relationship with all things considered #playkenyanmusic topic where everyone seems to have their own opinion (all

Safe space

Sheila was almost running out of breathe before she finally found a place to hide out. It was pitch dark, and she had to trust her instincts to move around. She had bumped into a couple of things that really slowed her down but she was determined to get away…to run as fast as she

The Instanagers era

If you’ve closely been monitoring the daily news and social media timelines, you are well aware of the hashtag #ifikiewazazi which has flooded our social media feeds. With this, we have come to a realization that most of our teenagers have now decided to go the Kim kardashian way or to bring it closer home,

The Sick Referral

The whole essence of the existence of medical centres is to give hope to those who are ailing. Easing their pain and giving their mental and physical well-being a clean bill of health is the key goal. When one is sick and it gets a bit worse, one chooses to seek medical advice from the

Sin City

Ambling around the C.B.D another day I found myself drifting from my usual thoughts of scanning people’s outfit for distraction to almost loosing my breathe, when two funnily dressed guys walked straight towards me with such conviction that I almost ran for dear life, but decided to hold my ground…’ka mbaya mbaya’ I told myself