Change, learning and the importance of Growth

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Growth and life is very much like playing a video game. Once you unlock one level of growth you then qualify for a next level that requires you to use what you’ve learned from the previous level. Mind you most times this higher level is at times harder than the previous ones…so let’s get into it!!!

Growth is such a weird complicated process that makes you question yourself as a person. It’s usually a never ending process. Once you grow from one thing and you think it’s over, then boom!!! Life sets you on another level of a character development process…it only ever ends when you live this earth.

Growth comes about as a result of change and that is a constant in our lives. And when change comes around we are required to adapt and thrive. But when this doesn’t  happen, it gets a bit complicated, the same experiences are repeated over and over again until we finally learn from the experience and move forward to something else.

That’s why at times you will find a person who is 40 behaving like a 25 year old why? Because he or she hasn’t opened themselves up to change, learning and growing.

A growth mindset is always a winner

If you fail to learn and grow in life, life itself won’t wait for you to grow for it to move on. Life will happen regardless and most of the times that’s why regret comes about which is the worst thing that any human can carry around…

I’m passionate about learning and growing. There’s nothing I enjoy more than being a student of life. I like challenging myself to be better even if it sucks at times and I run, duck and hide…but I always come around…this week I’ll be sharing my growth perspective and journey in the next coming days….I thought I’d extend a bit of Marykenya here…you can access more of these bits of wisdom on my site as well 😉 I’m looking forward to this and hope to hear from you guys as well…and yes I’ll also discussing it on Honest Conversations!! Which is usually cooler because it gets personal in the right way? 😉

Growth…growth….and yes more growth.

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