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Standing in front of a pharmacy with an idea of what you’re going to buy gives two types of emotions; relief, or a feeling of guilt served with a side of embarrassment and this is highly dependant on what you’re going to buy. So, what feeling do you get when you’re about to buy protection??

Sex used to be a morbid subject to bring up in the past and a lot of people did the most to avoid it but fast forward to 2018, that’s all people tend to be talk about. Simple conversations now, reek of sex jokes and organizations with the help of the media, use it to sell their products. And that’s what creates the basis of my discussion today.

September being a contraceptive month (26 September), a close, dear friend of mine suggested the topic and Marykenyablog is here to give it’s two cents about it.

If you’re reading this and you are actively engaging in the act, I’m sure the topic of contraception has come up. But what is it?? Well, according to the internet: contraception and fertility control, is a method or device used to prevent pregnancy.

But allow me to take you back a little: Different religions and cultures have taught us that sex was initially meant for the soul purpose of creating new life. Don’t believe me, think about why animals do it… But since we are not animals, sex surpasses that one reason and here’s where contraception gets in.

To my understanding, contraception was initially created to help couples in committed relationships plan out how they get their children.

But as we speak, I can confidently say that contraception has enabled people in relationships, and those that are not, to comfortably have sex without worrying about getting pregnant. And at this point I ask myself… Is sex being treated as a form of entertainment? Because It’s become a sort out way of getting the greatest amount of pleasure.


Contraception comes in various forms; condoms (male and female), the pill, IUD, spermicide, the vaginal ring and a lot more. Here’s a list. 2 cents:

Well with what I’ve learned about contraception, it’s not something you should decide on independently, it’s advisable to see a doctor who will give you the best suitable option thanks to science. The tests done, make sure you get the safest choice. Plus knowledge is power. When you visit your doctor you’ll definitely have more and better information moving forward.

There are contraceptives such as the pill and the injection which are hormonal and one has to be well aware of some of the side effects they might have on them both physically and emotionally. From what I’ve read and heard, this kind of medication can interfere with your weight or one might develop acne. Let’s not forget that hormonal based medication messes with someones emotions hence it ends up causing an imbalance with your moods.

PS: Not everyone using hormonal contraception is affected.

It’s also advisable for couples to make this decision together. It should never be a one way street most especially because most of these procedures are done on women. Always remember that as a woman, your opinion comes first. Your spouse should never force you to do anything you don’t want. Own your sexuality.

Vasectomy!! The elephant in the room!!

Not many men are for it because they feel as if their masculinity is being taken away from them. And it being brought up brings out a lot of mixed reactions. Well, I’ll not say much about it but one thing’s for sure, guys who take this option to help out their significant others are good partners.

Honestly, I feel condoms are the safest bet when it comes to best kind of contraceptive. It prevents unplanned pregnancies and most importantly protects one from STD’s. So, in a committed relationship or not, condoms are a go. (Marykenyablog’s view.)

Some say contraceptives are really bad for you especially when you use them over a long period and may at times lead to infertility. Others believe in them, others are against them completely. But truth, is they’re here and they help. Either way we still need contraception whether natural contraception or the medicated kind. My plea is that people get to learn and explore more about this topic.


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  1. MaryKenya

    David madee

    Nice article. Think of sex as a source of income,a show of power and possession,…. Dadada

  2. MaryKenya

    David madee

    Nice article. Think of sex as a source of income,a show of power and possession,…. Dadada….hh

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