Cramped up!

The meeting was about to start and Rina was ready to kick some serious ass during her presentation. She could hear different chatter from different sides of the room as she was going through her notes and she guessed they were all talking about the much anticipated presentation. At that very moment, as if time had stopped, a chill ran down her spine. ‘Oh no, not today…not now especially before this!’ As these thoughts ran through her mind, her supervisors and the rest of her collegues got in and took their respective places.

All eyes were now on Rina. She was given one of the biggest projects that was set to change the company’s face and operations. Rina stood before the pannel but the pain she was feeling was too much…she couldn’t stand straight for a very long time so she had to pick a comfortable posture to stand and move around with without raising suspicion.

‘I can’t flunk this presentation…no…even if it kills me, I’ll do it the best I can and go die later’ .She powered through the presentation, made amazing pitches and at the end, the whole boardroom uploaded the whole pitch.

Corrections were made in different areas and she gave an assurance of implementing them as soon as possible. As she was leaving the conference room, she tried to juggle what she had in her hands while managing small talk with her colleagues. She finally broke off from the rest and got to her office…locked it, and just lay on her carpet floor.

Menstration is a topic most prefer to go hush hush about because it is considered taboo in most African countries due to what it represents in different cultural aspects. People that are affected by it talk about the issue in circles considered as ‘safe spaces’ because addressing it out of these circles, would be considered odd and weird. But with that said, I wouldn’t deny the fact that yes, we have come a long way at addressing issues surrounding menstration and the campaigns that support it is proof.

Well today, I choose to address this topic because first of all, I’m a normal woman who goes through this every single month and I’m proud of it. Menstration acts as a sign of normalcy for every female teen and adult. But what happens when they become Thee worst monster?

Well that has been the norm for many women across the globe including myself. My world literally comes to a stop when I’m on my menses and the pain literally cripples me…I’m mostly confined to my bed and most times all I want to do is die…trust me at times the pain becomes too much it leaves me shaking..

In the recent months, I lost touch with who I really was because I crawled inside a dark corner and hid. I kept thinking to myself, “why does this always happen to me? And why does it seem worse every time?” It sucks when I have to power through some of the days while I’m on my menses. It sucks the life out of me and literally leaves me lifeless because at times, one can’t afford to stay in bed. Adulting (not a real word) is always knocking at your door. The pain leaves me feeling empty because it robs me of who I am. I can’t deny the fact that it has in the past driven me into mild depression because it at times feels like an unsolvable mystery.

My mistake though, is that I let it take control of what I considered I had control over. This is not the first or the second time it has happened and it was just as bad as the others. It took me down a road roas where I felt like I was really loosing my shit.

But let me get things straight before I go on. The menstrual cycle is a very important aspect to every female in existence. The cycle’s main purpose is to give you the ability and chance to create life. This I believe is a sacred calling and besides that, it gives your body the chance to clear out the toxins in your body…I mean that’s kinda cool especially in a healthy way. And can I mention just how strong and resilient it shows, we are as women because bleeding for a whole three days or a week is no easy fit.

So…what is the solution for most of us who dread this time? Well, go visit your doctor. I’d advise you to see or have a gynaecologist who will be in a better position to guide you through this time. And please don’t act hard headed like I did. I thought I could handle it all but with the most recent experience, I’ve learned that it’s okay to get help. If you’re given medication please stick to it. The medication is there to help. I personally have a weakness in following medication. So as to avoid this, I have adopted a habit of always having reminder on my phone with the most irritating ringtone so as not to forget.

Jamby Koikai is a media personality in Kenya who has been very open about her struggle with endometriosis which has played out before our very eyes and as funs and admirers, we’ve supported her through this journey. I think she’s one of the bravest people to share such an intimate experience. With that said, it’s a sure fact that she has shed more light on this particular topic especially in our country.


But what do you know about endometriosis? It is a disorder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus. With endometriosis, the tissue can be found on the ovaries, fallopian tubes or the intestines.The most common symptoms are; pain and menstrual irregularities. So the main reason why I insist on seeking medical advise before we do self medication, is to know where the problem is.

I have definitely not covered everything that should be covered on this special topic but I believe I have covered what I feel will be useful to anyone affected by this. I advise that you read widely and most importantly have a good support system. My support system has been tremendous I can’t thank them enough.

They say pain is beautiful if we let it be because it helps us grow and mine has helped me grow tremendously. It’s my sincere hope that my story has helped shed some light on the topic. It wasn’t an easy one to speak about, but I’m glad I took that step.

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