Cupid Season

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Luke and I have been going out for a while now and we’re  just taking our time enjoying every moment. Privacy is our number one rule so cocooning is what we mostly do. Movie nights are one of those times. So snuggled up in our pjs and in the middle of the latest Thor movie, he turns to me and asks, “Baibe, will you be my valentine?” Not so romantic on the other hand, busy staffing ice cream in my face, trying to say yes, I get some of it on him because it was so unexpected, goofy and sweet just the way I like it. Hooked??I’m sure.

Aaahhh yes! It’s that season again, where social media news feeds and media outlets, are filled with messages of love with sprinkles of product and service offers to enjoy the special season of love and who can forget about the memes, I think out of everything  the season of love has to offer, memes are  what I mostly look forward to because my country people work toooo fast!!

Valentine’s  is a special time for couples especially young love birds. People plan to buy their special persons gifts or plan to go on special getaways to rekindle their love. But what happens when this is not possible?? People get into fights, others get dumped while some choose to betray their partners just to gain materialistic pleasure.

Well I might not know much about love but I know this much…if you decide to love someone, everyday should be Valentine’s . Love each other unconditionally, selflessly and enjoy each other entirely. Yes there are special days such as aniversaries where guys take it up a notch, which is good if you can handle it. Key lesson here is; There are battles you choose to have and fighting over gifts or vacations is not supposed to pass.

So what would make Valentine’s special? Keep in mind that what I’m about to share is totally my opinion plus, this could go both ways. So Ladies and Gents; First things first, a lovely home cooked dinner would be amazing, sweet texts in this case, can be preferential; naughty or nice wink* wink* during the day, amazing quality time with your partner, a simple lunch, going to the movies and what better time than now to go watch Black Panther…hint* Ooorrrr…!! You can go big!! Gifts can go from designer accessories to expensive tech to fancy vacations within the borders or outside your pick.

Oh and I haven’t forgotten the singles. This Valentines should be yours…continue doing you…love you entirely because you are amazing and complete and until you find that special someone, set a bar that will let them know what to expect. This is definitely not the time to get pity dates just to fit in. No! That is not your portion. Plus don’t let the annoying couples spoil your day with excessive unnecessary PDA especially on social media. Most couples on the gram are mostly faking and putting up an act. Sips tea*

So during this special time…let’s love a little more not just your partners, but life in general and everything life holds dear to. The world as we know it needs a little more love.

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