Dear Black Folks

As people, we are defined by different things; social class, gender and race just to name a few. The color of our skin has been used to define us but that has never been a bad thing because I’m proud of being a black African woman the problem comes in  when someone uses it to make me feel less of a human being.

When it comes to race, black people find themselves at the bottom of the food chain and this has hurt us badly.

We’ve been seen and referred to as lesser beings  by other races that feel superior. Black people have been ridiculed tortured and killed just because their skin is darker than the rest. Maybe that’s the way the world works but as human beings, is it really fair to demean the other person just because their different??

Marykenya Fact: Human nature finds it really hard to embrace what they may refer to as ‘different.’ They are afraid of it because ‘different’ translates to dangerous to a lot of us and the immediate instinct that comes to mind is extinction elimination or crippling it.

Hate crimes have risen extensively in the US. Black folks are being wrongfully accused of crimes, received the worst treatment from the police department and even killed because well, they are black which automatically translates as dangerous and violent. Reading all these reports from my small corner of the world, breaks my heart. I don’t know these people but I relate. Not because I’m black but because I’m human.

Some places being black is a crime… sad fact.

As black people, we’ve basically failed ourselves and our race. Most times it feels like we are genetically engineered to hate each other and break each other down. It’s hard enough to fight and find our voice in the world that is constantly trying to drown us but should we fight and despise each other as well on a daily?

Africa is the poorest continent economically but the richest in resources. I can’t even begin to explain how and why but we just have a habit of electing leaders who only love themselves and their families. Countries like Sudan, Zimbabwe and DRC given a chance, would be one of the richest countries in the world but their so called ‘leaders’ do nothing but fill their pockets while their citizens are denied of basic needs such as food, shelter and access to better health plans. Not forgetting the constant civil wars that continue to take lives.

Our leaders have failed us and we’ve also failed ourselves for voting in the same thugs that keep robbing us blind leaving most of our countries dry and dying.

And if that’s not enough, we then go ahead to hate and objectify each other because of our tribes. My country Kenya suffered greatly when certain tribes felt they owned ”Top office” in the country. Lives were lost and homes were lost just because some people felt their tribal background deserved it better.

The greatest genocide from Rwanda was witnessed just because of tribal privilege but on the bright side, countries that have gone through this horrible experiences have been healing as they try to educate their people on the importance of love for fellow men regardless of their tribal roots.

Xenophobia… something that keeps reoccurring like a bad flu or cold. Countries such as South Africa, have on many occasions killed people of different nationalities from the rest of the continent working in their countries just because they’re not from theirs. But what is the essence of killing someone who is trying to make a living?? Forget about the difference in nationalities, but as a human being, what would be the essence of killing a person who is trying to provide for himself/herself and their families? What sort of hate would lead you an African executing a fellow African for working??

What amount of hate would lead any man to cut short a life of men just because in some ways they feel privileged either by tribe or nationality yet, we belong to the same race? Why waste all that energy fighting one another while the rest of the world continues to push us down?? My question again.

Black people all round have been taught to hate each other not only here in Africa, but in other countries that they call home too. It was a tactic that was used by colonizers. The simple divide and rule phenomenon which we’ve carried on till this day.

Now, why do you think the colonizers did this to their slaves?? It’s simple, because they knew we’d me much stronger together than apart. That should definitely tell you something.

With that said…all Marykenyablog 💜 can say is support and love one another. In everything that you do, choose to support each other socially, emotionally and mentally and most importantly economically. Support products produced and created by your own people. Stop supporting brands that undermine and insult the color of your skin. Let’s stop selling ourselves short because we’re much greater than that.

Also on that note, choose leaders who care about bringing out the best in your communities and countries. Stop electing and re-electing thugs who just waste away our resources and sell us out to foreign countries, who end up owning us hence leading to what we call modern day slavery.

Education is key. Not just the classroom type of education but the kind that will allow us and our children, to learn the importance of unity, love and strength for one another and also practice it. Use the platforms you have to eradicate the hate that is been jammed down our throats for centuries and plant seeds of love for one another always.


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