The Early Bird Edition

Let me start off this piece by saying that I’m a human being who wants better for herself and is trying to break free from everything that’s been holding her back.

A sweet little human who knows she can do waaaay better than she is right now but is going through the motions in life. The bad ones have taken a toll on her and it shows, only to the people she lets see. She’s a fighter, although she loses a lot. Still, that has not stopped her, she always finds the strength to rise and conquer!

And now that I’ve gotten your attention, I’m going to share how I spend my days. I know I’m not famous or as interesting, and you obviously didn’t ask for this, but I believe that in some ways, sharing my daily routines (weekday routines) to be specific will shed some light on my journey which Marykenyablog 💜 is all about.

  • First off: The recognition of morning routines

Can I start by saying that this was a real pain trying to familiarize myself with this routine and mind you, it still is. I have been a night owl for the longest time and to some extent, it did help, and it still helps, especially when I’m rushing to beat deadlines. But this routine had run its course. All it ever did was give me an excuse to wake up super late, unmotivated, tired and not forgetting my days always felt rushed.

It’s until I came across the latest book from Robin Sharma the 5am club and everything came into perspective. Diving into this particular book, I was it’s biggest skeptic but after reading the first chapter, I was hooked! It was clear to me why this morning routine was important for my kind of lifestyle.

There’s a certain power to waking up before the sunrise…a certain power to waking up an hour or two before your alarm to accommodate the things you love doing. You finally feel and know you have control of how your day is going to be. That is everything!!!

  • The Golden Hour

For Marykenya, she takes advantage of this golden hour to read. Reading is very dear to me and when I don’t read, it shows. So my Mondays or the rest of the weekdays, start at 5am. I have a library and I plan out the kind of literature I will go through. During this hour, I don’t worry much about everything that has been on my mind, I just get lost in my books.

  • The planning stage:

6:00am is usually Marykenyablog 💜 time. I either write, or push the article of the week till around 7:00am or 7.30 am. And at this time, I dive into another venture; running my online accessories shop. I try scouting out for stuff online to sell, as I try connecting with customers. (This by far has been my biggest challenge this year).

It’s been a different ball game for me and I admit at times, I’m not as consistent as I should be but I try. I try so F*king hard to stay consistent and at times when it’s not working as I want, I tend to run back to Marykenyablog 💜 which makes sense to me and is familiar.

Running back to the familiar is just something I do from time to time, when I get uncomfortable in a new space. I’m working on breaking that cycle.

After that, I finally make my breakfast as I try cleaning up my space. I also take that time to have conversations with myself, call myself out on my own bullshit and also plan more and even advice myself. I believe I give the best advice however, most times I’m not so good at taking them.

Since I moved out, I tend to enjoy my own space. So from around 9:00am to around 11:00am, I enjoy my time. I continue pushing Marykenyablog 💜 online and also try pushing the shop. If I have deliveries or stuff I need to check out at Bus Station, downtown or country bus, I leave the house at around 10:00am so that I can get enough time to buy the stuff, deliver them and make it on time for work at around 2:00pm.

Work is very important to me and that’s why I don’t like interfering with it or messing up with it’s timing. I feel very fortunate to be working on something that I love. My first wife, as I like to her. Production is my heart and in more ways than one, it led me to discovering my second wife, Marykenyablog 💜 both of these two passions have pushed me and made me who I am today.

So that’s why I needed to find a routine that worked and accommodated these two loves of my life. Balance is key and that’s why I adopted the morning routine.

So as to finish it off, work ends at 10pm during weekdays, that means I get home at around 11pm and try to get to sleep latest at 1:00am or at 12:00am if I’m really really tired and then wake up and try doing it again.

Habits are what make us who we are. And creating new and healthy ones, while trying to break the old destructive ones is hard. So hard that at times I feel like a junky because it’s entrenched so much in my DNA.

Keeping up with my new routine has been easy and hard all at the same time. I’ve seen it work wonders when I follow it up, and see myself messed up when I strayed…

I’m trying to create the kind of life that I will be proud of and my future self will thank me for and doing uncomfortable stuff such as going out of my way to doing stuff I wouldn’t normally do, will get me where I need to be.


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