Electronic slavery?

All dolled up and ready to leave, my Uber had just parked outside my house and before stepping out, I took one  final look at the mirror to make sure everything was in place, and for sure I loved the person staring right back at me. Been off the dating scene for a while now and was a bit interested and anxious to know how it would turn out. The guy looked decent enough talked and acted a big game but that conclusion wouldn’t be cemented because I only had short doses of him and today, everything would be laid out.

On my way there, all I could think about was the awesome conversations we would have. “Oh just get me there now!” I demanded the driver in my head of course.

Pulling up at the restaurant I could see where he was sited so I headed right in. I saw his face light up the minute our eyes met and as a gentleman he stood up, gave me a hug, pulled up the chair and we started catching up.

The date was going on well with some small talk served with some giggles on the side.  We took our order and that’s when he took out his phone and started going through it.

Now…the most shocking thing is that he didn’t bother putting his phone away! He kept on checking his whatsapp and other social media accounts. So trying to strike a conversation seemed difficult…he wasn’t present and I didn’t like that at all…it irritated the hell out of me.

I felt a bit insulted…it was rude. So you know what I did? I kindly excused myself and left. I’m sure he thought I was nuts..!! And yes I am nuts about basic human interaction. Something as human beings have lost thanks to technology that always seems to be evolving more than the inventors. Is this something we should be worried about??

Most of us have retreated to our electronic devices for everything…and I mean everything! People seem to have forgotten the essence of human interaction and most people now, prefer socializing without really socializing. How you might ask?? Social  media!! The invincible monster as I like to call it.

Have you ever entered a room and found every head bowed down glued to their little screens?? Yes because we have all done this and we continue doing it. It’s either you are playing games on your phone or on social media.

The first thing people ask these days when they get to your place, restaurants or office spaces is, “What is the WiFi password here?” Those are the new greetings today.

This happens everywhere. In the office, in the house in a family setting  and in “matatuz” too. Fact today: people now text and walk or also text and drive. This has resulted to a lot of accidents and sadly lives lost. People have fallen into ditches, hit by poles or cars and even tripped or slipped on stuff that have caused minor or  major injuries.

Others have lost their jobs because of their addiction to social media. Using the companies time and resources and neglecting work is not really a smart move. Social media and features like YouTube have robbed people of their time and sensitivity but can we really blame them? No because we give them the power to do so.

Sadly this has also trickled down to our young ones. Kids as young as three years old can easily operate an iPad or an iPhone better than I can. These kids are seen as geniuses especially when parents illustrate this to their family and friends…”I just hand her/him the iPad with their favorite games and I can catch up with work.” Sadly, some parents don’t know the kind of problem they are manifesting in their children. Think about it, it’s hard for us adults to get our tech addictions in check so what about them?

We have reached a point where we completely rely on all things technology. Case and point; we find ourselves retrieving basic information from the Internet such as; how to maintain relationships?? How to make friends? How to get into relationships?? Better ways of having the best kind of sex…. Pretty basic stuff huh? But we live in an era that makes this things seem like “goliaths”  that need special moves to conquer them. I don’t deny the fact that the Internet helps…it’s helped numerous times but the problem gets in when we over rely on it for every single situation.

Guys now care about creating more connections online. They care about what people online think about them. Yet they don’t have any idea of who these people are. Quick question. How do you react to someone you know from Facebook or Instagram? It’s usually an awkward encounter. You don’t know whether to say hey or not and plus most names used on social media are just out of this world because they’re  associated with alter egos or names associated with body parts. “Shiko ule msweetest” “slayqueen Amina” and the likes. People care about getting followers/ friends in their millions or thousands rather than treasuring the actual human beings that you actually know and are constantly around.

Relationships…relationships…relationships I think these have been the hardest hit by this. Phones have made cheating waaaayyy easier because of the accessibility they provide. Apps such as Instagram, whatsapp, and Facebook have led to most relationships and marriages crumbling and not only that, they have basically cut the lines of communication between couples. A couple  may be sited together on the couch but each has their phone in hand talking to different people.

Other than everything else your phone and all other electronic devices just make you stupid!!! You stop thinking for yourself. The constant reliance on them makes your brain slow down. It reduces your level of creativity because time used to perfect on your art, Is used on these devices.

Technology definitely has its advantages but a problem is created when the disadvantages out way advantages.  Devices such phones, tablets laptops and TV sets have become little gods who we’ve been lured to pay homage to almost every single moment of our lives. We can’t even seem to keep up with the technology because it’s moving too fast. As I write this it’s because I am no better and admitting to this is the first step to recovery. Let’s try torid ourselves of this.

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