Figuring it out! (The sequel)

Helen couldn’t sleep that night. She found herself constantly staring at her husband and like newly weds, they  held on to each other through out the night not letting go not even for a second. Her hands acted as her eyes as they kept running through her husband’s physic,  felt as if she was learning all about him again.

Things she would make fun of from his well built chest arms to torso seemed unreal she knew she was lucky to have him but it was more than that…he was her best buddy…her rock…her number one cheer leader. The first guy she ever shared something real with.

The moonlight that passed through their curtains hit his face just right  and in the right angle, he pretty much looked like an angel…

“Why does the world have to make my angel an actual angel?” She thought to herself…’how I’m I going to be strong for him? For how long??” This was all too much for her at 1.00am. She carefully freed herself from his grip and moved to her side of the bed. It  was a cold night and her feet could not make peace with the freezing cold beneath her but she wanted to breath.

She  walked towards the window…it was a seemingly silent night no cars or “nduthis” seemed to be passing outside their home…she took a peep outside their place and watched Juma their security guard doing his nightly rounds…he seemed focused in what he was doing and she wondered how he did it this late…didn’t the darkness scare him?? She wondered…and if not why?? Did that make him a special kind of human??Because for her the darkness had never been her friend at all she avoided it at all costs.

Leaning towards the wall she found herself staring at her husband again who was sleeping peacefully…she was glad he could because she knew that would be his one escape…one time he would be at peace she thought to herself.

She left the room and headed to the kitchen to grab a glass of water…she found herself shaking as she filled her glass. Was it the cold or the uncertainty?? She make it out clearly at that point she heard footsteps behind her.

“You scared me..” she said as she tried catching her breath…

Trying to laugh it off Dan said, “I thought you had run for the hills when I missed you in bed.”

“Dan really??”

“Nooo I’m just playing with you…I wouldn’t blame you though you don’t know where to start cause I also have no idea…I’ve just never been this restless…”

“We will figure this out together…whatever it takes I’m keeping you…I’m going to have to kill you first for forgetting to keep your laundry separate from the clean clothes or forgetting our anniversary or sleeping while I talk to you about my day but ‘that’ is not taking you away.” She said this as she sat on the kitchen counter.

“I can’t do this without wine.” She said this while hopping off the counter heading towards the fridge. She got the good classy wine. The one they usually toasted to during special occasions but each of them would sneak in a glass or two after work to unwind. Helen saw this as one of a kind moment that deserved the wine. Pouring into the two glasses, Dan made his way towards her.

“I don’t think those two glasses will do.” He went ahead grabbed the bottle and took on a big gulp with his eyes closed, he decided to sit on their cold tiled kitchen and Helen joined him. Took the bottle from him and took her gulp too. In that silence, they both stared into nothing.

“Hold my hand….baby I promise that I’ll do all I can…things will get better if you just hold my hand.” He sang to her a cheeky thing he did to cheer her up whenever he made her mad or when she was down.

“You clown you…” she said this as she let out a heartfelt laugh. She placed her head on his shoulder as they kept on taking the wine.

“I don’t want anyone to know…” Dan said. “I just want to go through this alone…well technically not alone…with you obviously. I know I’m asking for a lot but I need this. I don’t need people to start judging me by my condition.”

They talked about everything that night…danced even…Dan had his phone and Playlist with him and so, he stood his lady up and they sort of danced the night away…from dance hall, hip-hop to local tunes they felt like professional dancers like Channing Tatum and the Jenna Dewan in the movies. They had localised the step up franchise plus the wine had definitely hit.

As they took a break from time to time, they went to their living room and put on the news channels from CNN to AL Jazeera to DW. What was going on in the world seemed to matter a lot…they listened keenly and even commented on some stories. Took a lot of selfies too and videos and within this time all they were to face in the coming times, seemed to have disappeared. They had made a choice to live in the moment. His alarm went off it was 5.30 am in the morning.

“So…” he said yawning… “Are we really doing this?” Dan asked as he faced Helen…

“Yes we are…in fact we are going to kick some major butt.”

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