How I’m I dealing with unemployment?

Is it easy? Heck no!! Was it worth it? Yes! It is liberating to know that I was brave enough to take that step to seek better for myself!

Breathe…I’m taking moments out of my days to just breathe and appreciate the simple gift of life, health, love, family, and friends. And as long as air is running in and out of my lungs, it gives me hope, a chance, and an opportunity to change my fate and my story. Routine check!!

I’ve been working from the moment I stepped out of school something I will always be grateful for because not a lot of people get that opportunity. I was twice as lucky at the time because I got to work on something I was passionate about and what a ride it was!

And after four glorious years full of laughter, disappointment, sadness, great lessons, growth, and amazing connections, my time was up!! On to the next!!

Mental Health and wellness check: So here’s a couple of pointers I have for you and me!!

Sitting alone in my house opened doors in my mind I never thought existed. Even as I worked on Marykenya and a couple of jobs here and there, on some days, I was drowning. I felt like wasn’t doing things right especially when it came to my blogging and that’s why for some time, I didn’t create for Marykenya I just didn’t feel authentic to my baby.

Was it a normal feeling? Of course, the situation was new to me but it became too much when I carried it longer than I should have and didn’t realize it. All of a sudden, I really didn’t feel confident, hence my decision to step away from creating work that really mattered, and at that time, all of my insecurities decided to make a grand debut.

But I believe all this was necessary. I was preparing to step into a new stage in my life and that was part of the process. Through that, I got to shed off a lot of the bullshit that wouldn’t handle my new lifestyle.

Words from the wise

Get in touch with you. Get to know who you really are and take time to be sincere with yourself. Hold a meeting with yourself and evaluate as if you’re doing an appraisal because truthfully speaking you are doing this to create a better version of you. But, warning!! As you do this, take care of yourself and your thoughts. Set boundaries and put in measures that will ensure that you don’t go in too deep and end up losing.

So let’s get busy!!

Give yourself time to learn and embrace parts of you, you didn’t like and fix them. 

Take time to improve your CV and also take time to go through job search ads. I know it can be frustrating but one gets to learn a lot about the industries. You can also have an opportunity to create networks that will prove helpful at some point in your life.

If you’ve had a business idea, this would be the time to execute it fully. But what I would advise is being realistic with all these. Do it at your own pace and with what you have. Here’s a post I did about business startups:

Take up online classes and embrace YouTube University. That’s what I have been doing and let me just say this, it’s one of the best things I’ve discovered and have been doing to improve my skill sets as a writer/blogger and hopefully one day a great digital marketer. Learn as much as you can and pick up creative hobbies.

I cannot stress this enough…staying busy has been a lifesaver for me. It saved me from losing my mind. 

!!!!!! The routine!! Finally, I know it’s taken a while!!!!!!

When writing this article I had considered just going into the routine straight away but I figured that wouldn’t be authentic. I’d be selling something I didn’t believe in because before making this routine work, everything that I’ve spoken about earlier, I had to go through so as to establish the right kind of discipline to make it work.

The Early Bird Edition;

My days start at 4:50 AM and quite recently I have been waking up to dance!! Yes at 4:50 AM I put on my headphones blast the music so loud and dance. Now before this, I usually woke to a workout routine of about 20 minutes it was good but not as great as the dancing. I have set playlist on YouTube and this music just makes me feel better and ready for my day. Now I know you have a lot of questions. But hold up, creating that ball of energy is important during the first hour to help hold up the routine throughout the day. I learned this from the 5:00 am club by Robin Sharma . Trust me on the days I didn’t work out I was sleepy by 11:00 am which sucked.

5:15 Am I settle down to read up until 6:00 AM: I nourish my mind by learning and for the past two years, reading has been a great part of my life.I pick out a book and just get lost in the silence and peace. Right after that I usually make myself a cup of tea as I make my bed.

6:10 AM-7:00 AM I get on social media and just establish a Marykenya presence on all my socials lightly as I concentrate on Pintrest which has been God sent to me and just works for Marykenya.

7:15 AM till around 8:00 AM or 8:30 AM: I take this time to write for Marykenya and other projects that I’m involved in. I call this the magical time because this is the time the sun starts shining and when it does, it comes straight through my bedroom window where my workspace is and it’s usually fun. At times I may not write, but I get a chance to come up with skeletons for my work. Creating for me is important because it helps nourish my soul…and keep me sane.

From 9:00 AM till around 11:00 AM: I take time to really learn. I’ve enrolled in a couple of online classes and I take this time to go through them as I had scheduled the previous day. The classes for me range from; self-help classes, writing classes, and digital marketing classes. This is also a great time to attend webinars. I also tend to spill my writing to this time if my ideas are flowing and take breaks to post on social media.

11:00 AM to around 12:00: Now this time is usually opened to either some webinar classes that are available at this time or just use this time to plan for the next day because if I don’t then everything just falls apart the next day because I’ll try doing everything and achieve very little. I have been guilty of taking TV breaks during this time as well especially when the writing felt brutal or the classes were a bit tough.

From then on my afternoons are usually free for anything I want or need to do like cleaning, washing, eating, watching the Kardashians, watching a good series to reward myself, or just watching fun stuff on YouTube. I also usually use this time to promote Marykenya on social media, meet up with friends or run errands and lately, I take walks from time to time just to get out of the house so as not to go crazy and buy food or just read at my balcony as the sunsets. 

This routine wasn’t easy to set up or follow through but it has most definitely saved my life I’m not even joking. It’s given me a whole new purpose and I now look forward to my days and how to incorporate more to them. I cannot stress this enough but having a working routine will make your life so much easier because th way, you get a lot done and also gets you in alignment with your purpose. 

So any routines you’d like to share with me? Please do I would love to hear from you guys. What are your thoughts on routines? How are you taking care of your sanity during this pandemic and one of the worst economic times with no job? Please feel free to share it here. I’d also like to hear your thoughts on meditation I want to start but I don’t know how!!!

Marykenya has so much in store for you…I hope and pray that i will be able to impact positively in your lives because Marykenya is my life and most importantly my teacher….


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