Is Journaling a simp move? Benefits of writing it down.

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I’m a firm believer in writing shit down if it keeps bothering me, if it keeps getting on my nerves, changes my mood, or just knocks stuff out of balance. I call it journaling.

It helps me gain perspective on stuff that wasn’t as clear before. They become tangible objects that somehow take a form that I can comprehend. When I journal, I get to break it down in my language and from there, I can tell if it’s something I can deal with at the moment, later, or something that I should just let go.

On a personal level, I used to hold on to stuff; unnecessary junk that ended up hurting me but it’s something that I hid so well even from myself.

Now during moments that the universe forced me to sit down and fix my toxic self, this is something that came up. My mind was a toxic place and I didn’t want to admit this fact because I honestly could not see myself as toxic. How? My perfect self was just in denial until a bitch-slap called reality woke me up from the cesspool of toxicity.

I know I sound a bit harsh but trust that this is all behind me. I’m a better person because of the tough love, and I only want to help you. Plus, giving yourself some toughness helps snap you out of a lot of things.

Well, enough about that let’s get into the benefits of journaling. Why should we write down our feelings? Does it help? Is it only a chick thing? Is it a simp move? The revelation will shock you!

  • As I said before, journaling helped me simplify the tangled webs that were my thoughts- I found that once I wrote down the issue in question, it didn’t seem as big as it was in my mind. Not that the problem magically disappeared, no it was just doable. I could see and find solutions while going through it. I helped put my mind at ease and I stopped feeling crazy and obsessive. That’s growth for me.
  • Journaling is a form of therapy– I’m not a person who likes to talk about my feelings. Nope! I only did that with my best friend who isn’t around anymore. And as a result of not talking it out, I bottled up a lot and these things would blow up weirdly. So I called myself for a small meeting (kamkutano ) and I figured out what to do. Writing up a journal helped let out those feelings because I did it from a place of safety. I did it crying, praying, until I had it all out. In the end, it made me feel like I was talking to someone and that’s when I came to one of the most important realizations in my life; we hold all the answers to all our questions. Yes, people or circumstances may help lead us to our answers but after everything, you’ll realize you had the answers all along. At times we just have to work for them. 

Now is journaling a chick thing? I know a lot of signs point towards that but it shouldn’t be the case. Throughout my research on mental health material, I realized that more men suffer from various forms of mental health-related issues because of the stigma that surrounds them. Guys are often told to man up, not to show fear or weakness, not to cry, and all this does is just stunt their emotional and mental health. And because of this, a lot of men are not even able to have normal and healthy relationships with their loved ones, and also, more men succumb to suicide compared to women.

Marykenya is here to try and break this cycle in any way that I can because I know too well how your mind can work against you. Your mind can either be your best servant or your greatest captor and prison. So for guys who find it hard to talk about what they’re going through, just write down everything even if it doesn’t make sense. Take a step back and get to analyze it and find a way to deal with everything a step at a time. It’s not going to be easy, it might feel as if you’re losing it but trust me, you will get through it a better person. 

  • Journaling is not only meant to air out the bad it helps you plan out your day, future and clearly indicate your goals at every stage– if there is something I believe in, is the power of writing down your goals. You get a chance to make them clear, indicate timelines to make those goals, and make them more real. You find yourself working to achieve them constantly. Believe in that power and watch yourself crashing them. There is no greater feeling than marking off something that you have already achieved.
  • You get a chance to organize your life – journaling has helped me put my messy life in order. it’s helped me master the art of organizing everything that I plan to do. I plan out my month, week, and days which helps me strike off things I have done. It has helped me change my very messy habits. Something that I was very bad at. My habits right now are better. My schedule keeps me on track and has helped me juggle the different jobs that I have because I have like a couple running at the same time and they all require my attention. And yes journaling helps me schedule lazy days which I need to binge TV shows and bad reality shows on TLC and VH1. I believe in balance.

These are just some of the benefits I have found in journaling. I never took it seriously but while working on my thought and habits, I’ve found it as a life-saving process. I’ve gotten a chance to learn so much about myself, the good and the bad. I work on enhancing the good and work on improving the bad to better. So my advice to you, start journaling!! Do you agree with this? If so I’d like to hear more about your experience if not I’d also like to hear your two cents.

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