Lessons from the Corona Pandemic

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It feels like we’re living in some world war Z, The walking dead, and V wars type of shit up in here! The only difference is that this pandemic isn’t turning people into flesh-eating monsters or is it??

In some ways, I’d prefer dealing with the Walkers (zombies) that way we’d face actual monsters. Right now we get to see people for who they are and what they hide behind the polite hellos and smiles.

The ripple effect…

When this pandemic broke in China late last year, people didn’t think it would be taking a world tour but here we are. The entire world is paralyzed right now. Reports of people dying and the number of infected folks is increasing at an uncomfortable alarming rate.

We shall beat this💪🏾

Where is the love?

We are a selfish race…full of hate and resentment. We knew that about each other but what did it take for us to actually come face to face with this reality? A pandemic.   

We don’t love each other…we couldn’t give two shits if our neighbor was suffering. As long as you are okay, as long as the people you ‘love’ are okay, the rest of the world can go to hell.

In the US as soon as the news broke people filled the supermarkets and did what we thought was panic shopping but nooo it wasn’t. People essentially did this to horde important stuff to sell them at a profit.

Trying to profit on something that would essentially mean life or death to another person is…I don’t even know how to put it…just completely disgusting…

Coming back home

As Kenyans, we watched this thinking this wouldn’t happen to us. You know, this virus mostly affects the white man and the Chinese. We tried taking precautionary methods if I can call it that when we basically stood together and spoke up against a Kenyan airline opening up it’s borders to a plane from a virus prone area…

Due to Kenyans speaking out and one brave guy exposing the airline, that nonsense, to our understanding stopped!!! But did it? We will never know. 

Another level of selfishness I can’t seem to wrap my head around is how people who know very well are supposed to self-quarantine after travel didn’t adhere. And as a result, they ended up putting a lot of people in the crossfire of this very fast-moving disease. 

We’ve even heard of our leaders both in the government and the religious sector going out in public after travel and interacting with people without regarding the DEADLY RISKS!! SMFH

People say money is the root of evil no way. People are the root of all evil. The beginning and the end of all evil. In these times we’ve learned that people would do anything to make a dollar.

Instead of fighting each other we should help each other beat this!!

Back to basics…

What else have I also learned from the ‘almost end of times?’ That human beings are dirty creatures. A majority of us didn’t take personal hygiene seriously. If we had, the pandemic would have not spread as much. People are now taking a keen interest in washing their hands and carrying hand sanitizers. This is something that I hope we shall make a habit of

Social distancing; a phrase a lot of introverts are familiar with. This is where you choose to stay at home, avoid any unnecessary social interactions or gatherings. Exercising this during this time helps avoid the spread of the virus which we’ve clearly seen spreads like wildfire. So if you can, if your job allows and most importantly if the government has advised it please isolate yourself from other people.  

Stay home to protect yourself, people who are sick, the elderly and those with essential jobs who need to be out; health caregivers, the police and people from the press.

But even as I root and support social distancing. It’s a painful reality for some people actually more than half of the population from my country because they can’t afford to stay at home; People from jua kali, watu wa mjei, vibarua, mama fua, and people from the transport sector just to name a few make their ends meat by showing up to their places of work every day. 

How in this very corrupt system will their needs be met?? Because we need them. Both the middle class and the very rich need these people. To me, they’re also part of the essential systems.

There’s this video I saw on Facebook and this person had some very important pointers about what this pandemic has shown us:

That the government systems we have now, not just in Kenya but in the entire world are facades. Our form of civilization, or what we feel is civilization, is simply not. We’re just surrounded by smoking mirrors!

Social media panicking: Right now social media feels like an unusual blob of bile was just dropped on it. Amidst the right channels trying to give us the right kind of information, there’s an army dedicated to spreading panic and giving damaging misinformation.

My parting short

Being in isolation for six days now is upsetting especially when you have to do it alone. It brings out all the demons and ghosts. It makes you face uncomfortable truths about yourself. You know, when you aren’t binge-watching something on Netlfix or going through your library. I decided to turn my situation around and take advantage of this and took my time to write this piece. 

It’s made me come out of my comfort zone. Gotten a grip on coming up with a schedule that works too but above all, be grateful for life, health, family, and friends. It’s the simple things that really matter and a pandemic got me to that conclusion.

Get in touch with your higher power. Get in touch with yourself. What makes you…love more appreciate more. Do what keeps you sane. We’ll get through this. I believe will heal.

PSA: Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Remember, how you treat people reflects a lot on how you feel and think about yourself.


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