Meghanising Royalty

Here comes the bride…we were all waiting on her. We wanted to see what dress she would wear and who would walk her down the esle. This wedding was different on so many levels a fact we can’t deny. I’m  glad to have lived in an era where a royal wedding brought so much hope…strength and diversity just by saying ‘I do.’ So what did I pick from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s big day??

It was a dream that most of us would want to live…and a lot of us ladies would have liked to take Megan’s place. But besides the romantic fairy tale that came a long with it, history was made. We see a couple who as a result of their union, brought a lot to light.

The ceremony was totally and completely diversified from Rev Michael’s sermon on love, to the gospel choir and to  the 19 year old cellist who marvelled a lot of people. Amazing was the word. But coming back to Rev Michael, I remember having to put my phone away from the moment he spoke. That’s how powerful he was.

He spoke with such conviction…”Love” he echoed…love is what brought a lot of us to that particular moment…love is what brought the couple together…that same love is what brought the world together…it brought cultures together and Rev Michael took that chance to speak!

“God is love” he said…”love each” other he said…”love yourself”…let it surpass the  differences amongst us. He spoke about Martin Luther King someone who is very important not only to the black community but to a lot of people who value the importance of equality.

The topic for me was very timely because today, our world is one filled with a lot of cruelty and hate based on our differences such as; race, religion, sexuality, tribe and social status. We’ve let these elements separate us and as a result, led to a lot of pain caused by uncalled for deaths and unfair treatment. He said everything that needed to be said…it’s now upto us to listen and choose.

And then there was the Gospel choir…they took my breathe away…they literally made me tear up….why? Because it felt like a revolution…it felt like we were given a voice. “Stand by me” they sang…stand by me” their voices echoed in the church and in our hearts…so beautifully every cord played as it should…and with that, it felt like a call to action to stand by my fellow brother and sister. What a performance especially before British Royalty. Historical I tell you.

The 19 year old cellist…also an inclusivity of the ceremony. Something that Meghan herself requested to personally play…beautiful.

The events stated above show how Princess  Meghan used her platform to ensure diversity reigned…she made us feel like integral people in her ceremony even from miles away watching from our TV sets.

Meghan is a modern day princess but she’s not the kind of Princess we are used to. She is a modern day independent strong woman who has worked tirelessly to become the actor that she is, one that is passionate about charity work and also one that is very vocal about equal rights for women.

While writing this piece, I learned that this started when she was 12 years old, when she was disturbed by an advertisement that subjected women to the kitchen. She wrote a letter to the advertisement company and three months later, they generalized the advertisement. Imagine at 12 years, she was clearly meant for this.

Reading about her brings some kind of pride. And reading more about her and the kind of work she’s done, I’m optimistic that she will be a great addition to the royal family. She serves as such an inspiration doing a lot for our community and empowering young people through various foundations. You have a voice she says use it. If something doesn’t make you happy, speak up about it.

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