My first time

The class was over and for the very first time, in my entire existence, I wanted to have some ‘one on one’ with the Guest Speaker. Now this is someone I’ve looked up to since  I rediscovered my love for writing. And so, with one of the strongest colds I’ve ever had to carry around, I was next in line.

… A silent prayer was said; ‘heavens show grace upon any SUDDEN running nose event.’ You know, the one that suddenly shows up when you least expect it and boy does it know how to make an entrance…AAaaargghhh!!!! I think I’d just drop dead.

So there I was, standing in front of the man who even sited, was still taller than I was. Biko Zulu is someone I have always considered a living writing legend. What he does is magic to me and more of a mystery as well.

Brain cells galore….

It was a literal circus in my head. A lot of Marykenya’s in form of my brain cells were running around, trying to make sense of this sudden unexpected move. But I only had this one chance and I wasn’t ready to waste it…

Such a humble man he is. Very down to earth and what fascinated me the most, is that he is “making it.” His words, not mine.
(He had cracked the code. He was leaving the dream a lot of the writers in that room wished to live one day.)

The mystery…

The world has not yet placed a face to the name but he’s a Beast in what he does. I mean, in a world filled with so much vanity, I’d give him an A+ because truth be told,when dealing with the various kinds of arts, our generation today believes that success is equated to fame but this guy right here stands out with his form of art.

The magic…

I told him about my baby Marykenyablog and the other writing interests that I hold dear to my heart and his answer was quite simple; ‘Just continue writing until you find that thing that clicks. I have worked on my craft for some time now, and I’m still rediscovering new things, ideas, and skills.’

Makes sense, he had already said this during the class but him saying it to me directly, meant a little bit more.

My morning Rush…

…But my day didn’t start all rosy filled with unicorns and rainbows. First, I was unable to wake up because my body was not at its best. I haven’t had a cold in the last 3 years so when it came on recently, I guess it carried along all its relatives and ancestors so working through this was not ideal. (I literally felt like death.)

Nairobi traffic is usually a mess but lucky for me, I had put in place a plan that would help me get to my master class on time. And with a combination of public transport and a Cab system seasoning, I had this on lock-down.

Got into the class a bit skeptical but from the moment it began, I had never felt more at home… everything he said and taught was absolutely genius, straight to the point and completely helpful. If I could be asked to re-live a particular experience, it would be this one. I fell in love with writing all over again.

So after aaaaalllll that I have said, this is more of a victory piece for me. I put myself in an uncomfortable situation and it paid off. I wish I could have done it sooner but I guess this was the right time.

PS: Putting myself out there and networking is not my thing. I get wierd around people I don’t know, but I’m working on exposing myself more, and expanding my horizon and boundaries. I need to go far, and I believe introducing myself to new people especially those interested in the same craft as I am, will help me share more, and gain from others

Getting over my fears has been the real deal for me this year and  I’m super proud of myself because of that. And as I end this beautiful piece, I hope that this amazing, wonderful person reading ‘My first time’ gets the courage to face their fears scared out of their minds, but end up conquering and beating down those walls of doubt.

Let Marykenyablog 💜 be a haven for you and let’s do this together. So my question to you today, what are you planning to conquer? Feel free to share 😊


The beautiful art on my featured piece is from Pawa 254 a place where creatives are welcomed to share and grow their art. Check them out!!

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