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Hey, I’m Marykenya and here’s My true story about my dear, lovely, yet very confused country Kenya.

Now I know we’re supposed to show patriotism towards our country but the last couple of years have been quite unique and eventful from the double dose of elections, to the continuous and outrageous mismanagement of funds, and not forgetting the never ending cases of injustices that happen right before our very eyes. And now, looking back at these infamous events, it’s a miracle we are still here, standing strong despite the odds stacked against us.

PS: If I were to list our problems I would need a lot of Grace and a whole load of writing space.

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Now I know a lot of you who might be reading this and not from Africa, think the Continent itself is a country but no! Africa is made up of 54 countries and My Kenya, in more ways than one, stands out for a couple of good reasons like our economy, which is considered one of the fastest growing while on the other hand, our currency compared to a lot of African countries, is stronger and oh yes, Our very famous athletes who top the list on all good things Kenya because they place and glorify our flag on the global map.

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Buuuttt, let’s get on the real now, Kenya has lately felt like a really long scripted TV series with moving parts that would only happen on screen. We’ve been through it all and still going through it…barely.

For starters, our politics is on another level!!! While war lords would be the most horrible and dangerous leaders, our politicians do everything in their power to push it a little bit too far. Kenyan politicians today, get voted in and just use their positions to suck the life out of their citizens. (This they do by stealing funds/resources for their own benefit).

Being a politician today in Kenya, is the best or sure way to utmost wealth for one, and generations to come.

I admit as a country, we have a very long way to go in terms of politics because we tend to choose our leaders based on tribes but with what has been happening lately, (the looting and the outrageous high taxes) I hope that we get a little wiser.

Dear kenyans, let’s try and vote leaders based on the kind of policy they present.

Remember that when a politician steals, he/she does it for their benefit and not for their tribe.

But on a lighter note, can I just I acknowledge as Kenyans we do amazingly well on a lot of stuff like social media. Heard of KOT?? (Kenyans on Twitter) these are the worst peopl to piss off because trust you me, they will drag you through the mud. We’ve had social media wars with other countries and we won!! Uganda are we here?? At the same time though, social media has been turned into a source of comic relief in the midst of tension and pressure. Remember githeri man?? Yeah social media is what they call lit from our side of the world. And a force to reckon with.

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My country people are what we call a unique bunch…it’s almost as if we are in a love hate relationship. We love to hate each other in a lot of situations especially political ones. We promise we’re working on it though. But a lot of these disagreements stem from our differences.

Our diversity is beautiful. A country made up of about 44 tribes and cultures colored beautifully within our borders represented by 4 colors that define who we are Kenyans. We most of the times forget this fact but we get back to our senses break the barriers, that hold us back and present a united front.

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The Maa community have stayed true to their culture through time.

One thing I love most I must say about my country people is that we are a hardworking bunch of folks. Our capital Nairobi is a City that never sleeps…being at the the center, it practically acts as the beating heart of the country.

Truthly speaking as much as this country has been impossible to deal with, I’d wouldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. So I’ve decided to use my platform  to give opinion and to try and make a difference in what I feel needs to be changed. I didn’t envision this kind of ending…. I was planning on spewing on all that is wrong but I guess this very special piece acted as some form of therapy. So if you’re reading this as my fellow country person feel free to add what I left out as for the others I hope this piece painted the picture I wanted you guys to see.

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