New Year, Same issh!

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The new year is here, 2 weeks in and we are still giving out the “Happy New Year’s” greetings to our friends and family while giving various pans on how we’ve  changed our various characters…the famous ‘ni mwaka mpya mambo mapya’ phrase is hence fixed in our statements   because we believe the New year has to come with ‘some sort of change.’

So I’m going to dive right in, and start with a question…does anything change during the New year? Well…when the clock hits 00:00 hrs, we still have the  same job, same family, same house and same partner, only the last digit of the calender changes but nonetheless, the culture we have been raised in has taught us to celebrate this new beginning and in return, we’ve picked up the tradition and chose to usher in the new year in our different special ways.

Funny thing is our mind works amazingly different. We believe in new beginnings and change and that’s what the concept of the new year does for us. We finally get to realize that we have the power to change whatever we didn’t like in the past and create a clean slate. Well if this is you, then do it. Set on your new path and don’t look back.

If it’s the bad habits such as excessive drinking, bad timing, procastinating, or negative mindsets, one gets to leave these things that often weighed you down in your personal, work, and relationship and ultimately welcome the good that will constantly improve your lifestyle…if you’ve always been afraid of doing something do it.! Do it now!! Travel, ask that special person out…go for the job you’ve always wanted…it is after all the year of good tidings.

I’ve always believed in the power of new beginnings. Not only in the new year, but in every single day that the Lord God grants me. I believe in starting fresh…I leave yesterday’s worry in the past and try making the best out of my new day…good thoughts…good vibes are what push me through and give me that special grace to overcome and see myself through my miracle.

So as we continue walking through the new year…what are your plans? What are your thoughts? What are you doing different in your  life to make it different…? What are the bad habits you are dropping and which new good ones are you picking up? Do you finally get to join the gym? Do you finally get to ask her to marry you? Do you get to set on new adventures in life? In your quite place get to ask yourself these questions and in all honesty work on them and work on becoming a better version of yourself in years to come.

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