Not so Cupid


The greatest feeling in the world is to love and be loved back with the same kind of energy. To give your soul to a person that promises to not only keep it, but to also nourish it as time goes by. To feel safe in someone else’s arms is a dream…and just forgetting the rest world just by looking into their eyes.

Finding a home in someone else’s arms and hoping that one day you’ll be able to bring that love into the world is the most ideal kind of situation.

But where does it all go wrong?? How does a person you once loved turn into a complete stranger?? They say there’s a very thin line between love and hate but how does that much love turn into hate and loath??

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Well here’s some thoughts; maybe it wasn’t really love…maybe you were just infatuated by the thought of love. Oooooorrrr maybe you just gave a lot of this so called love to the wrong person and it ended up hurting like a bitch…trust me I know. It’s sort of bound to happen a couple of times until you find the right one or you don’t. It goes either way.

So on this Valentine’s day if you find yourself on the singles end, don’t worry about it. Infact don’t even think about it much. I know it sucks to have all these couples on your face showing their love but hey, such is life…at the end of the day as human beings, we were programmed to feel the need to be loved, cared for and wanted…those feelings in a wierd way, complete us. Nobody wants to be alone especially on Valentine’s so it’s ok to want to feel wanted and loved there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’m not going to advocate for self love in this piece because that will just sound corny and I don’t want that 😂 this piece is just to assure you that no matter the situation on this Valentine’s, especially the shity ones will be okay you just have to ride through the shit storm and get out of it feeling a little less shity…

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