One night oopsie!!

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Rolling from one side of the bed to the other, Lia felt a certain wierd presence close to her. She didn’t understand how that was possible because first of all, she was still half asleep and most importantly, she lived ALONE! She was scared to open her eyes not to mention too tired and hangovered to open her eyes.

In that moment, amidst the the confusion and tension, she tried to figure out what went on last night but everything was a blur. The only thing she remembered was that her girlfriends literally dragged her out of the house for a night out in the town. They had always complained  of how she always got cooked up at home with her movies but this time round, her friends achieved the impossible!! And they made sure she had the most fun ever!!

She managed to rise her head above the bedsheets so as to try and figure out who was sleeping next to her. She moved with so much caution because she didn’t want to wake up the stranger. He smelled nice so that was a bit of a relief now the other thing was to peep for the big reveal.

“How drunk was I? This has never happened ever…ever…ever!! Shit these things only happen in movies.

“Oooooohhhh or is it the fancy hot guy from the club?” At last something came through…or so she hoped. It might be the complete opposite she thought…her heart sunk.

“Morning.” He said as he turned to face her.

Awkwardly trying to find her words…she smiled as she wished the Lord would take her at that moment…!!!


The Mr. tried to calm her down by trying to reach out to her but she quickly moved away from his reach and almost hit the wall while trying to do so..

“Calm down…you invited me over to your place after we had an amazing night with your friends…wait…do you remember anything from last night?? Because I think my explanation would make more sense if you did.”

Lia trying to rack her brain to full function mode just had flashes of last night playing like a very disorganized slideshow with no specific time stamp. ‘But honestly, how drunk was I?? I swear the first thing I’ll do after I meet those girlfriends is just go all game of thrones on them…’

Lia trying to find her breathe… “Well I don’t know who you’re…and how you ended up here because I have no clear recollection of what happened so please just get dressed and leave…I have no idea what happens after one night stands so please forgive my bedside manner and leave. This is making me really uncomfortable.”

She said this as she tried to pickup his clothes from the floor and handing them to him… she had never been this hangovered in her life..her whole body ached and all she wanted to do is get it over and done with.

“Okay… sorry you feel so offended but my name is Lawrence. I guess we can start there. We had a great time last night..I really had fun.. actually, it’s the most fun I’ve had in a very long time.”

And before he could finish that statement, Lia cut him off.

“Okay buddy please don’t try and explain the whole night and how we violated my bed without my knowledge. I already feel awful enough but I’ll take your word for it. Just go.”

“No no it’s not even like that well we first started making out in the club after getting to know each other. We decided to share the cab ride home and honestly speaking, we really couldn’t get our hands off each other.”

He said as he chuckled.

Well this she remembered and the only thing she felt was shame… I mean holding hands In town is usually a chore  for her and she all of a sudden she went from that, to making  out in a cab?? Such is progress…but the guy was cute and I mean really cute his smile and his well arched body was just everything…!!!

“I mean if I hit this then I’m cool…but why don’t I remember anything…??? Did he like drug me..?? I’m I even safe???” Her heart rate suddenly amped up.

He sat at the foot of the bed and continued with the story as he covered up his amazing arbs.

“We got to your place and hit it off from your door step and as we were making out, you just took off my clothes..all of them…!!”

“Wait…I did what now??”

“You basically stripped me off my clothes.”

“Oh gosh…what have I become.. okay that part I remember…you don’t have to finish the rest I think I can come up with the conclusion myself. I’m sorry I’m kicking you out but I need to think.”

She said as reached for her phone.

” For the trouble, I’ll ask an Uber to your place just tell me where you are going.”

“But here is where it gets interesting…we got to your room and as you were ready to get your freak on…you started crying… talking giberish and that’s when I decided to stop. You started talking about a guy named Mike…told me how you loved him and how he just left you for someone else… you started crying… puked a lot cried again sigh….it was basically a cycle of everything. We talked for sometime, you were doing a whole lot of drank confession before you blacked out and that was it. That was your first one night stand. I could tell.”

She froze where she stood looked at the guy and was like. “Damn…I liked the idea of us just bonning instead… that’s even worse…”

Lawrence laughed it off..stood before her and said…”naah I think that was kinda fun and funny. You were definitely worth the trouble.”

“Well then…uummhh just make yourself comfortable have a shower since I may have violated your body with puke. I’ll try and make something to eat to make up for not being the perfect one night stand you expected me to be.”

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  1. MaryKenya


    Haha not how i expected it to go but nice one. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  2. MaryKenya


    You got me reading your articles always ,keep up the good job.

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