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I am exploring...

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I am a passionate creative
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Here's where I bring my wildest dreams and imagination to life. I call it creating with a purpose...

Marykenya Greatness

My writing and my way words still live on this amazing platform and it will have a chance to grow, improve, heal, entertain and inform on everything life!!

The Podcast

Honest Conversations was inspired by an article titled the same where I tried to shine a light on issues of mental health and where it was so important to talk about our different experiences. Well, Honest Conversations with Marykenya will highlight this from my experiences and also from the guests I’ll have on. Plus I’ll get to highlight other issues close to my heart like real, personal growth, and just feature real inspiring stories. But all in all, I’m hoping to connect with you guys more and just have a safe space where everyone can feel free to just be… consider this an extension of Marykenya…

The Bizzpod!!

The world of business is something that has fascinated me for quite some time now and what tugs at my heartstrings are what we commonly refer to as small businesses. The people behind them have intriguing stories to tell, and I must say I admire their courage cause let’s face it, a business isn’t easy to run regardless of size. It takes heart and a special dedication to the cause and I want to highlight these stories right here so that you and I could learn!!!

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