My Flag

Hey, I’m Marykenya and here’s My true story about my dear, lovely, yet very confused country Kenya. Now I know we’re supposed to show patriotism towards our country but the last couple of years have been quite unique and eventful from the double dose of elections, to the continuous and outrageous mismanagement of funds, and

Unhappily ever after

A quick 3 minute read Love is blind, deaf and stupid! Sometimes* I’m sure a lot of us have been in situations that have left us thinking, ‘Where the F balls was my head?’ And yep Marykenya has been there too, so no judgement here. In this particular piece,  I’ll focus on the  feminine side

Contraceptive Talk

Standing in front of a pharmacy with an idea of what you’re going to buy gives two types of emotions; relief, or a feeling of guilt served with a side of embarrassment and this is highly dependant on what you’re going to buy. So, what feeling do you get when you’re about to buy protection??

Twisted Fate

Seated at the tail end of the stair case, Amanda kept staring at the suitecases in front of her and she couldn’t help but hate how the site made her feel. She was completely torn and broken and she had no idea how to make it stop. She is someone who is used to control

Dear diary.

Fresh faced at 22 years ready to join the work force was me in 2015. I was fortunate enough to get a job offer a month after graduation and I was ready to rock!! I mean…it could only get better don’t you think? I had a lot of expectations in life, the world was my

Sit at the Table

Lean in By Sheryl Sandberg When I came up with Marykenyablog, I created a book review segment with the intention of reviewing the books I read every month. I wanted to integrate my love for books and my love for writing on this amazing platform but things never worked out as I hoped, mostly because

The devil in the details

Today’s generation has been hell bent on kicking out all the negativity in their lives and as usual, social media has on countless occasions been used to prove this point. We know the quotes all to well. And I think at this point, a lot of us would sing them out loud like our favorite

One night oopsie!!

Rolling from one side of the bed to the other, Lia felt a certain wierd presence close to her. She didn’t understand how that was possible because first of all, she was still half asleep and most importantly, she lived ALONE! She was scared to open her eyes not to mention too tired and hangovered

Cramped up!

The meeting was about to start and Rina was ready to kick some serious ass during her presentation. She could hear different chatter from different sides of the room as she was going through her notes and she guessed they were all talking about the much anticipated presentation. At that very moment, as if time

Truth Train

Beeeeep!!! Beeeeep!!!! The alarm wakes her at 4am in the freaking morning. Reluctantly, she sighs as she struggles to get out of bed. She dreads to put her feet on the cold floor because in some crazy twisted way,  it acts like a rude reality check to her less delightful routine. It’s really annoying to