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Tis the season

So I stood there at the Muindi shop (an Indian based store) staring at the clothes and the accessories that were placed before me. They all could have served as amazing options but I felt like I needed to do something different and special with this particular decision.

“The shirt is exquisite, the pants too and these two blazers are unique.” He said this as he sorted through the bundle before us. “You won’t see these blazers around plus, they can also go well for with this particular tie, and the shoes are new arrivals!!” So what do you think?? The Muindi asked with a smile on his face. At this point my mind was racing… ‘What do I get the love of my life during this very special time of the year??’

“I’ll come by later and pick something.” I said as I walked away a bit embarrassed wondering why it was so hard for me to pick up the perfect gift. I mean, what do you get someone who means everything to you?? Ideas are welcome.

Well let’s get real for a minute, coming from a Kenyan, African background, gift giving isn’t common even on Christmas. These are mostly things we see happening in movies. We do Christmas different. Christmas for us is mostly about traveling to ‘ushago’ (up country) to see our grandparents plus hooking up with the rest of the family. Oooohhh and not forgetting Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without buying brand new clad and rocking them like there would never be any other Christmas. But that’s a story for another day. Plus I think in some ways we are evolving by mixing old traditions with new ones which is great.

Gift giving is something personal and intimate especially when you are gifting special people in your life. So what are some of the things one should focus on when choosing a gifts especially during this special time of the year??

Budget and Gifts: when choosing a perfect gift, money is important. It’s good to know the amount of cash you’ll be spending on a particular gift. Which brings up the question?? Does the amount of money you use on a particular gift show the level of importance and love you have for the gift receiver? Well this is an open question which allows any kind of response but Marykenya believes that it’s the thought the counts.

Always remember to work within your budget.

A gift says a lot no matter the occasion. You’d get me a key chain and it would mean the world to me because of the thought that was behind it. Buuut….. I’m not saying I wouldn’t want a Range Rover I would receive the gift with open arms just in case you were wondering what to get me *wink

Perfect gifts for a significant other (girlfriend, fiance or wife) or female friends.

1. Accessories which include jewelry, watches, purses and bags just to mention a few, could be a great option depending on their taste

2. Make up kits/ skin care products

3. Clothes and shoes.

4. Books and unique stationary.

5. Electronics: phones, tablets or laptops etc.

6. Art.

7. Home and office ornaments.

8. Pets.

9. Perfume.

Remember that it mostly depends on taste.

Moving on, one could also focus on the social cues that people tend to hint on from time to time. For example, your mum would be complaining about a kitchen appliance she needs and never gets around to get it. Ding! Ding! Ding! You can get that for her I’m sure she would really appreciate it.

Perfect gifts for parents:

1. Art

2. Accessories

3. Electronics

4. Kitchen appliances for Mums and Aunties.

5. Home and office ornaments.

6. Sports merchandise for dads and uncles that are into sports.

7. Perfume and Cologne.

Just to mention a few

But there also comes this question…when considering gifts for people, do you go on the basis of need or want? Well Marykenya feels that need is better based on the example given in the previous paragraph but that doesn’t mean that you should always be the case.

Perfect gifts for significant others (boyfriend, fiance or husband or just ageneral guy friend

1. Electronics:

2. Sports merchandise (if they’re into sports)

3. Gym equipment (if they are gym enthusiasts)

4. Clothes or shoes.

5 Accessories: watches or wallets

6. Books

7. Office and home ornaments.

8. Cologne

PS: The lists may look stereotypical but I promise they aren’t (laughs)

Secret Santa…I don’t know about you but this can become a real pain in the ass. I’ll give my example. Once upon a time it used to get me because it  made me uncomfortable. Making me choose a gift for someone I didn’t know at any level sacked. But as time went by, I found that it was a really fun activity watching people open up their gifts and sharing that moment with collegues so, with this kind of gift giving, don’t put tooooo much thought into it. Have some fun choosing and hope that the gift receiver will enjoy it. It’s more like gambling you can’t really know the results.

Tis the season now and I hope this will help you in picking out a gift that will be special to your family members, friends and significant others. But let’s not forget it’s the thought that counts. Plus physical gifts are great but there are certain gifts you can’t put a price tag on. Like love, time and attention. Don’t forget those during this special time.

PS: Always know that you can customize the kind of gift you want to gift your loved ones. Hand made gifts can be awesome too!!

Gifts for kids:


2. Fun children’s books

3. Cool branded kids clothes of their favorite cartoon characters

4. Cute fun children accessories like sunglasses and watches.

5. Fun board games.

6. Bikes, skates, balls (for outdoor kids activities)

Oh and don’t forget to take advantage of the black Friday offers to get your perfect gift!!! #blackfriday


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