Queen Sono The Review!

Talk about having a series we can totally relate to!! I feel like I, like a lot of Africans are breathing a sigh of relief watching a series that we can say, ‘Hey!! I know how that feels like. I can totally relate.’ The Swahili used is right because I always get irritated when other international productions get it wrong. So East Africa for the win!! And yes, our very own Sauti Sol has a featured song on the series!! I mean, what a time to be alive!!
So how did I stumble upon this amazing piece of art? A friend recommended it to me plus, the Netflix ads couldn’t let me breath. I think they even kept popping up in my dream! They just couldn’t quit but those ads paid off in the end because they led me straight to it!! I had promised my readers I would sample and review movies and series but somehow, I got in my head and sort of believed that I couldn’t! Stupid, I know but this will addressed soon and on another platform. So going into it, I was an excited skeptic. I wanted to see what we (and yes I am owning it) had to offer to the world!
The unveiling… “….Six episodes!! Manageable.” I tell myself. “I’ll give it a shot.” And once I started off the first episode I was hooked! I mean the lead Sithembile Xola Pearl did the character Queen Sono justice. She knew the right amount of funny and serious spy shit she could implement. And what’s a spy picture without a trusted side kick?
Without saying much and giving out spoilers for those who haven’t watched it, it’s set up on the systems of government in our continent. The aspect of how governments in Africa take advantage of their people and the question of whether Africa has ever been completely independent. Character Evolution… Sono the lead actress is part of a spy group based in South Africa that is off books and mainly deals with clean up jobs for the government and fights to eradicate the terrorist groups in the continent.
The Queen
The first contact we get is her on an operation in Zanzibar where she uses her wits and kicks ass. Quite an opening if you ask me. The lead has a complicated past that slowly unveils in an unxpected way and we get to see her deal with it during the entire season
I spy with my litu eye…
A personal favorite was on the gender representation; The Lead Actress Sithembile Xola is an amazing representation of a strong independent woman not forgetting the other ladies in the film (name and picture) who played their supporting roles in a very boss way. They owned their characters well and represented them at their best.
loved her…
The inclusivity made me proud. I could point out music from different parts of the continent and an actor from Kenya . Fun right!! And just like that without even realizing it we’ve opened a window for more collaborations which means opening up the borders around us. I mean, I believe Africa can be stronger together than divided which I feel was the soul message. At least that’s what I decoded from watching Queen Sono.
Raymond Ofula
Marykenya Recommendations There’s of course a couple of things i would want the production to improve for the second season and that may include; trying to make the dialogue among the cast more natural. Also, the fight sequences between the cast should be a bit tighter and again appear more natural even as the camera shots and angles change during these very intense scenes. My take Watching Queen Sono got me thinking; Has Africa ever been completely independent? We always have these other countries outside Africa coming to our ‘rescue’. The European Union and the States sign off on loans and grants to help support our infrastructure and healthcare. The Chinese on the other hand, are building our roads and upgrading our railway lines at costs that have turned us into ‘slaves?’ Yikes!! Have I said too much? Africa has a general problem in its leadership. It might be in different magnitudes but our leadership is what has prevented us from growing in leaps and bounds. But where is the problem? Is it the broken systems or the people, because somewhere in between is what dictates the kind of leaders we place in power. I am part of Africa and I believe that we can stand on our own. It wouldn’t take a day, month or probably twenty years, but it can happen. Kibaki’s (3rd President of Kenya) regime strongly advocated for this; Kulipa Ushuru ni kujitegemea ‘Paying taxes is the greatest form of independence. We pay our taxes, I pay my taxes but what happens when they get into the sysytem? Sadly the folks who are entrusted to handle our taxes to help in our growth and development, just decide to pocket it and feel no shame! Hold up! I didn’t even realize that this just turned me into a political activist. But, this is what our reality has turned us to it’s just advisable to be in the know of what is happening around us. An empowered person is an empowered vote. Throughout the six episodes, Queen Sono get’s to show that importance. It basically plants a seed. All in all, I highly recommend this series to anyone who is looking for adventure, good music and a thought provoking picture. Queen Sono is a definite bop! Get time to watch and let’s talk about it. What message do you think this series was trying to convey? Feel free: Marykenya is all about honest conversations… #marykenya 

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