Recommitment to self

In this day and age, the word commitment has slowly been losing its true meaning. Okay scratch that, it has completely lost its meaning. People have all of a sudden gotten allergic to this word. Don’t believe me, look at most relationships today. Spell out the word commitment and all you’ll be left with is a trail of dust to your face but, that’s a story for another day. Today, I choose to focus on personal commitment.

How does one ensure personal commitment is attained by self? By taking care of you. How do you treat yourself as a person?? Would you consider yourself a first class citizen or a second class citizen in your own existence??

One thing life has taught me in my 24 years of existance, is that true commitment comes from self love and care. And please don’t get me wrong, if you think I mean the kind of ‘self love’ people like throwing around to friends, family or social media to prove a point. No!! This means being true to your authentic self. Recognizing your strengths and being aware of your weaknesses. It’s the acceptance that you are uniquely You and that You are a work in progresss.

What goes through your mind when you think about you?? Good things or bad?? Well in this case, I hope good things and if it’s the opposite, please change. One has to learn to love and appreciate themselves as individuals, and this begins with what you think about yourself. Think failure and you become one. It becomes a sickness and it ends up showing even in your actions. But think winning…think good…think positive and trust me it shows. Use your mind to flourish instead of becoming your own worst enemy.

Moving on, what do you put in your body?? Well I’m not one to speak much because most of my friends would roast me if I declared myself a health enthusiast, but trust me I really try. Laying off the junk and eating more healthy food has been my motto for a while now but eating more has been my number one goal, because I’ve been one of the most poorest eaters in history my mum can testify to this, painfully!! Trying to put more into my system, is something I think I’ve slowly tried to achieve and plan on doing more. Wish me luck!! But my main point here is to put in the right amount of food in your body, and most importantly the right kind.

Exercise is also essential to your body and exercise comes in different forms. Choosing to walk during certain times or running helps. Simple routine exercises at home also come in handy. One doesn’t have to sign up for a full-time gym membership to achieve a healthy work out routine. Commit to making sure you give your body the right kind of treatment because you live in it, and you will need it wherever you are going. And I bet, you will need it at top notch shape, when you plan to live out the best moments of your life.

As human beings, I believe we came into existence to serve a certain purpose, and this goes across the board, regardless of what you believe in. Unlike animals, we think beyond where we will get our next meal, sleep and mating. We believe that we are here to live out our calling…but, do we at times loose sight of this?

Well, ask yourself a couple of questions…Are you living up to your goals and expectations?? Or are you half assing most of the stuff just to get by?? Are you focusing on your all time goal and working towards achieving ‘IT’, or are you just sitting pretty waiting for a miracle to happen??

Tough questions I believe one should ask themselves in their quite place, if at all you have one…but you know what I’ve realized with most people?? They are afraid to have quiet time because they rather not face the truth. At times we rather keep running away from it because we all know lying to ourselves is not something one can do forever. We all have a breaking point and it catches up with us…it’s just a matter of when.

Having that dream career and actually excelling in it is not easy. It requires hard work and commitment. So if you’re working your 8-5 or work that pays the bills and keeps you going, that’s not an excuse to not pursue what you dream of becoming. Don’t let that desk job or the cubicle stop you from getting to the top floor. If you are really dedicated to something, trust me you find the time to pursue it. The late nights and early mornings are there to help you with that.

Here’s another thing though, one can finally be at the top of their game but at times we find ourselves being dragged down by some vices hidden in our habits. Let’s first admit to the fact that yes we are human, and yes we have weaknesses…loads of them, but a problem is created when we let these weaknesses take control of our lives.

Think about it, what unnecessary ‘activity’ do you engage in, that seems to take up much of your thoughts and time? Something you can’t seem to do without and acts as a fix that keeps you going? Point it out and try rooting it out of your life permanently.

So my message to you during this season…recommit yourself to You. Find yourself again, rediscover You as an individual, work out your plan and trust your journey once again.

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