Religious Situationships!!

And yes, human beings have brought sitauationships in matters faith and religion. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all. Now I understand that this is a huge, broad and controversial topic and that’s exactly why Marykenya decided to tackle it. And before you go through this well thought out piece, I’d like to state that the views or observations stated here are purely my own and the site Marykenya.

Now, we all have something we believe in, God, money, family, sex, friendships blah, blah, blah!!

…I know a couple of you might be there thinking that, ‘No! I don’t believe in any of the things you stated. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe in anything. I’m an independent thinker. I’m not tied down to any of these shallow aspects that other people believe in.’ But, my friend, you do believe in something. You might just not acknowledge its existence.

What do you see??

Light bulb moment!!! (put light bulbs)

It’s been one hectic month and for the first time in a very long time, I just needed to unwind. How do I unwind? With a good book or a good TV series and I chose to stream one of my favorite series SWAT which featured an interesting episode that caught my eye that was based on cult religion.

Yep! Marykenya is going to the dark side with this one so strap in and hold on to dear life.

Ever thought how people get involved in cults? Here’s the thing the general perception of cults is that it’s mainly joined by people who are less educated or just naïve. But this narrative has changed over the years. From watching a couple of gory documentaries, that’s not the whole story.


So now here’s when I let out one crazy theory that float around my head as I watched the episode:

The crazies coming in…

For anyone who has read the bible and holds some kind of knowledge about it, this is for you; let’s take a walk down the New Testament. Assume you were one of those people who heard about Jesus. Would you believe in him? Assume that you even saw some of the miracles taking place would you believe?

Keep in mind that Jews from this time had already based their religion on the teachings from the Old Testament and practiced them. What would you think about his followers especially the disciples?

Let’s get back to our century now. Look at all what religion has to offer. There are religious communities you hear of and it leaves you at a loss of words. Jehovah Wanyonyi is one of them. People from his community believe that he is Jesus!! Prophet Owour is another controversial Religious leader and with him, it’s either you completely believe or you don’t…it’s up to you.

What do you choose to listen to??

Relation: Religion is a very tricky subject to talk about in all kinds of concepts there’s always going to be some kind of misunderstanding.

How the Cult idea is created:

Have you looked at the world lately plus the people in it? Things seem to be getting from bad to worse. The wars in certain countries are beginning to get out of control, governments seem to be getting selfish by the day and as a result, they continue oppressing their citizens. People are evil! Look at the news tonight senseless killings seem to be topic of discussions lately.

Not forgetting, we are killing the world. The climatic conditions seem to be getting from bad to worse. We are killing the environment with our carelessness and greed and Mother Nature is not taking that lying down. She is fighting back!. We are getting sick. We’re dying. Cancer and a lot of things we can’t explain even with the best kind of scientific experiments can’t get a definite answer.

So what happens to us?

We get desperate!! And by nature, we’re species that is willing to do anything to seek out answers and solutions. Even if it doesn’t make sense, we’re willing to do anything to come out through the other side alive.

A couple of people have noticed this. They’ve seen this desperation and best believe they’re ready to cash in on it. Heck, they’re already doing it!

More assumptions:

The setup; dark dungeons, a weird candle setting, people dressed in black ready to perform a sacrifice to the gods is what we think about when you hear the word cult. But today, cults are just set up in plain sight. Through our normal religious setups like the church in Africa and in, other cultures especially in Hollywood (the entertainment industry) or outside our borders, they tend to use certain organization such as self-help groups to target people(next piece I’ll try do a more detailed piece n this)

Spooky set ups👻👻

The initiation processes are usually non-lethal at the beginning and that’s why it’s hard for red flags to be raised and before you know it, one is usually knee-deep in that mess. The sad part about this is that a lot of people have lost their minds, identity, family & friends and worse their lives just by dedicating their lives to these groups. Being stripped down to nothing and building someone into their image. It’s scary when you think about it’s an uncomfortable truth.

It’s a pandemic. It’s something that is affecting a lot of people even though they choose not to talk about it. But how d we monetize issues that fall under religion?



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