Safe space

Sheila was almost running out of breathe before she finally found a place to hide out. It was pitch dark, and she had to trust her instincts to move around. She had bumped into a couple of things that really slowed her down but she was determined to get away…to run as fast as she could to save herself from monsters that literally took her soul away.

She took shelter in one abandoned building where she hoped the assailants would not find her because if they did, they would just finish her off. She prayed, and prayed so hard crying, trying to forget what had transpired before she made her escape and luckily enough, as if God had finally heard her prayer, they didn’t.

It was near morning when she started walking towards the nearby shopping center to seek help. Everybody stared as she was all dirty, clothes torn and bloody. People were in shock as they tried to make sense of what their eyes saw. One of her neighbors Mr. Paul noticed her and instinctively ran towards her. But everything was going on too fast and at that moment, amidst the confusion, she just shut down and everything went black.

….. RAPE is something people never want to face or talk about. It’s considered taboo and spoken in whispers even now, at a time when our generation prides itself in its ‘open mindedness’ but tip toeing around the situation does not make it go away.

The past Saturday evening, a lot of us watched and listened to the news with heavy hearts when reports came in from Moi Girls High School that a student had been defiled by unknown men who had jumped over the fence and performed the heinous acts that robbed the girl of her innocence.****

Huuuuhhh!!! How can I even start explaining the disgust that most of us felt as we watched the reports?? We expect our kids to be completely safe and secure within the school compound. We trust that the administration will take full responsibility of our children’s safety. But what  happens now that the trust is broken?? Who do we turn to?

Hearing that the students had brought up the security issue not ones or twice, just continues complicate the puzzle. How can a whole school administration take lightly the safety of our children?? What are they there for?? What is their work if not protecting our children?? So many questions and no answers.

The Moi girls story is just a tip of the iceberg. We are now accustomed to hearing children of all ages being taken advantage of by the people they trust the most like parents, teachers, relatives, neighbors and even close family friends. With that said, we are living in an upside-down world. No statement would be able to explain these heinous acts by these monsters.

A lot of women and men alike, who’ve gone through this sickening situation, go silent and it ends up doing a lot of harm than good. Think about it, maybe that’s the reason why in some situations, it re-occurs over and over again. In some situations, one find victims being victimized continously because of the ‘fear of god’ put in them…’if you tell anyone this happened I will hurt you or I will kill you.’

Well before I go on, people have to understand that sex is supposed to be consensual between ‘TWO ADULTS’ NO CHILDREN’…both parties or maybe in other cases all parties should agree to let it go down!!! You should never force or overpower anyone to sleep with you.

Guys!! if a woman says NO! it’s NO! Not maybe. On that same note, never take advantage of someone who’s intoxicated. That is super low!! Getting someone drunk or drugging them and then sleeping with them without their consent half conscious, is RAPE. A lot of this has been happening at parties and bars and a lot of people have ended on the  side of  the rope.

Walking down an alley or pathway at times is risky especially for women. And I state this as one. You never know what or who you might come across or what might be lurking in the shadows. These days it’s never even about the issue of time. Rape can happen in the clear daylight or night. Considering that men are physically stronger than women, puts us at a disadvantage and as a result, when faced with confrontation, we end up being overpowered.

Reporting these cases to the police is also an issue…it’s not a easy it’s not like reporting on an a theft. I can’t even imagine what the victims have to go through especially if you are a woman who has to explain this ordeal to men…how can we make this better?? By simply changing our perspective..

The people who engage in these unspeakable issues are weak, with no self confidence who prefer preying on people’s weaknesses. They disgusting human beings because they seek some sick confirmation by taking advantage of people who are seemingly weaker than they’re or who feel they have a right over their victims body. These kind of people come in all forms…keep  that in mind

People  who go through this traumatizing experience, are one of the strongest beings to ever walk this earth and the fact that a fraction of them are courageous enough to share their stories with the world it’s a step towards healing and while doing this, they get to help the victims who are suffering in silence. They completely have my full respect.

As a society let’s not put them at a disadvantage by always assuming that the victims triggered the attack. Nobody and I repeat nobody asks to be raped no matter the circumstances. Many are the times these stories are interpreted in ways where they leave the victims at a disadvantage. Most times these perpratous are left free to go free living most victims in a state of unsurety. Let’s instead stop this culture.

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