Self Check 2019

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How are you doing?

“I’m ok…You’re okay.” This voice keeps echoing in my head and I trick myself into believing it every time. (Sometimes it’s the only way I cope and at times its one way I get through a pretty lousy day.) We live in a very toxic society where if you are not careful, it might just drive you a little crazy and that’s why I take priority in taking care of my mental health. Words of affirmation are key because they help you gain back control of the most powerful part of you; your mind and thoughts. 

Learn to be kind to yourself and watch yourself blossom into greatness…marykenya quotes

…also on that note, I make an effort to surround myself with material or media that help me grow, inspire me and motivate me to become a better version of myself, Books for example; are a good place to start. 

My circle is key; I pick my friends and associates carefully why? Because I believe they should be there to make me better and compliment me as much as I compliment them.


Mornings Made better

My morning routines have been hard to keep up with lately but damn have I fought with everything that I got not to break the routine. One of the greatest discoveries I’ve made this year is the power of being up by 5:00 am. It’s been a life-changing experience that has helped me open up my mind to endless possibilities. 

…a good look in the mirror

 I don’t feel the need to hide anymore. I stepped into the light and allowed myself to feel everything about myself. The good, the bad, the ugly, the really, really nasty parts I would rather hide, and I ended up embracing them fully… 

I’m keen on growth…

It’s key because evolution equals adaptability, survival and eventually, hopefully; the amazing opportunity to thrive. 2019 has been all about growth and trying to be better. But most times I wish I was basic; I wish my needs were basic. I suppose life would be a bit easier and ‘kawaida’, but luckily enough, (and I’m thankful for it.) I like exploring and seeking adventure. And as a result, my quest has been messy and I feel like I lost so many parts of me that I felt were crucial…parts of me that were linked to my very essence and soul.

…I’ve been confused, I’ve been broken, I cried so hard I thought I would die of sadness and heartbreak.

…But from all these, I’ve learned the importance of taking responsibility for my actions. Every action will always have a reaction, good or bad there’s no way of stopping it. And also, I realized the parts I valued the most, the ones that acted as my heart and soul were really not and they will continue changing and shedding off just as I continue to evolve.

Growth 💪🏾

People and obligations…

I’m learning how to manage my expectations from people as time goes by. From family, friends, and also the special relationships I have with other people. They don’t owe me anything…and I believe that these people will act accordingly because they want to or feel the need to…of course I will be betrayed and offended from time to time but this is something that I’ll always have at the back of my mind.

…I’m not any special from the rest of the 7 billion people in the world, and that’s okay. I can only be special to myself and probably my mom, that one can take a bullet for me I’m sure but as for the rest, I wouldn’t be offended if they didn’t go all Bruno Mars on me and catch a grenade for me.

Fun fact;

I thought that all these lessons, all these bad experiences would make me a bitter small lady but surprisingly enough I’m not (or maybe I am I just don’t see it hahaha). I don’t understand how but I’m not. These experiences have given me a better understanding of human nature and how the world works.

This is a simple write up I did to just get in touch with the person I truly am. I realized there’s so much noise around us and at times without realizing it, we get lost in people’s opinions and the world’s point of view. I hope that this piece helps grounds you to who you are. So take your time and just have an honest conversation with yourself.


Embrace who you are 💯💯

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