Sin City

Ambling around the C.B.D another day I found myself drifting from my usual thoughts of scanning people’s outfit for distraction to almost loosing my breathe, when two funnily dressed guys walked straight towards me with such conviction that I almost ran for dear life, but decided to hold my ground…’ka mbaya mbaya’ I told myself but they hastily walked past me and went about their business. My heart rate I’m sure was above 200…my hands were cold as ice and my brain frequencies were just scrambled and it took me a minute to get it together.

‘Nairofi’ has lately become Gotham City. With the crime rate over the roof, the only thing we are missing is Batman…and in this case, I think we are in agreement when I say we really! really! need him. Lately the pick pocketing we were used to, and please note the phrase ‘used to’ because we live in a society which chooses to accept the vices or adapt to them because nothing will be done. They are actually enabled…so we have no choice but to accept them. This has now turned into a mugging situation where people are dropping like flies. Walking in town has now become like the walk of death or playing Russian Roulette. You never know if the next bullet is meant for you…you’re never too sure whether you’ll make it to wherever you’re going in one piece.

The pictures and videos that have been going round on social media are really horrendous. Guys are being attacked by more than seven men who just surround you, and by the time you hit the ground, you literally have nothing but bruises and bad memories that will haunt you anytime somebody brushes by you in town or gets a little to closer than usual.

The act of war has been declared upon us…and nobody, not even Batman is coming to our rescue. Nothing is being done…the police are only promising our safety but doing nothing about it…where are the people we elected into office? Setting up imaginary task forces doesn’t help us either…we are hence left at the mercy of these vile people…Lord help us!

Moi Avenue is my regular street to and from work. If you use this route, you have an idea of how unbearable it is most of the times because of the overcrowding and the hawkers around that strip. I usually feel as if I’m from war…I’m not joking, the C.B.D literally feels like a war zone because you have to watch yourself, your step and your bag.

I believe the streets of Nairobi are the most dangerous roads in the world. I may not have had the luxury of traveling to other countries but I’m sure we take the craziness cap. These days the matatu’s are not even the biggest menace, there are ‘nduthis’ or motorcycles. These “champions” have come to believe that the road is theirs. They ride on whatever side of the road they want and don’t even obey the traffic lights. They have no code and hence become the cause of numerous accidents that have left the affected people with life changing injuries and worse, death. I don’t deny the fact that they have come to be of some help over the years but ai, they are completely out of order!

Hawkers on the other hand cause a lot of confusion in town by laying their mats almost anywhere. If one is not careful, you might end up stepping on their goods. Just pray that it doesn’t happen when you have nothing on you expect your bus fare especially during this Njanuary, you will walk home my fren.

You should never want to find yourself in the middle of their running battles with the ‘kanjo’ he he he weh! I’m laughing yet it’s not funny. You have to understand that these people run for their lives so if you’re in their way, they will knock you down with no apologies. Saw it happen to some lady and it was painful to watch. My word of advice, just stay clear off their way. I believe a system in place can help restore sanity, while still helping them make ends meet in peace. No life should be lost or hurt while one is trying to make a living

Then there’s the garbage menace. It’s become annoying now…I know we pay people to take care of it…but now it feels as if people are being paid to dump it everywhere making it unbearable!

Nairobi is not well…things seem to get from bad to worse…nothing seems to be working…where are we going wrong?? What are we not doing right?? In our own individual capacities, are we helping Nairobi become the best version of itself.?? Are the authorities working on all the issues? All these questions and no answers.

So my dear friends that is our Nairobi…a city that never sleeps…beautiful because of the people and the history it holds…Nairobi has seen us through the best moments that have united us as one people, to moments that have broken us and wounded the city. Nairobi still stands and will still stand after a very long time…Nairobi is my city and despite the don’ts, I would not have it any other way. Nairobi will always be home.

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