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I still can’t figure out social media…aaaarrgghh!!!!…Kicking and screaming!  Maybe I’m not cool enough for the social media fam…Or maybe I’m just not from this century…I’m really leaning towards the second opinion because it truly feels like I don’t belong.

Those are some of the conspiracy theories that have been cooked up by my brain cells…let’s now take a walk through my hot mess as I try to find a solution.

If I had I choice, I’d scrap off all my social accounts and literally drop off the face of the Earth. Socializing with people I don’t know makes me uncomfortable. Sue me!! Especially the ones behind the keyboard. Most of the times it just doesn’t feel real to me.

But I need these accounts for Marykenyablog 💜. Social media is by far the best marketing platform because a lot of people are on it (Facts) So you see my dilemma? It’s like having to go to your shity job because at the end of the day, you have bills to pay.

So in a nutshell, those are the feels over social media. Reading about it hasn’t done a lot. I love books but reading this particular book on social media building, literally feels like homework…*the horror!!!

But don’t get me wrong, the book is great..!!

Allow me to share what I’ve learned so far, though:

Have fun with social media…be kind and make new friends (look who’s talking)…if it’s all about business or trying to drive a certain initiative, focus on that, if you can get help to try and spread the word, then do it. Try learning something new and use it…just go with the flow…


Just continue doing what you are doing…. don’t stop… infact don’t care!! At some point, even on this piece, I cared too much and it ended up affecting my content. Well, no more…!! I’ll take what I get and honestly speaking I’d rather my content get through to the people who need it the most. I know the internet is somehow supposed to serve as an escape but I want to provide people with a bit of realness that at the end of the day, will help.

Social media can put lot of pressure on someone. It has affected people differently and for me, it made me feel as if I didn’t make enough progress…I dropped my guard and started comparing myself with influencers and the likes but thing is, I wasn’t selling or advocating for the same thing they did. And that was my mistake but I refocused, and I’m moving forward from that.

I even got to a place where I felt that I needed to be someone else which was completely wrong but hey, lessons learned the hard way!! And here I am sharing my story hoping that it will help.

All in all…

If you’re running a social media account for  blogging, vlogging or business, here are some pointers I’m working on as my guidelines to get better. I hope they help you too!

Identify who you truly are and stick to your identity:

Focus on building a brand and work towards solidifying your identity. Don’t be a copy cat.

Be consistent:

Work on promoting your content consistently. Make sure that people feel your presence on social media by working on a schedule that will help.

PS: Take advantage of the social media groups especially on Facebook.

Hashtags are important:

I appreciated the importance of #s because #marykenya is something that leads you to work done by yours truly through all the different platforms. Honestly speaking, it’s truly a proud moment.

I’ve come a really long way despite the setbacks and I can confidently say that working on my social media management skills has helped grow my Marykenyablog 💜. I still have a very long way to go and a lot to learn about social media but I’m here and I’m ready to rumble!!!!!


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