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Most times when I’m leaving the house, there’s one essential thing I always have on me, my earphones or headphones. Music is truly a special part of me and I’m sure this also applies to a lot of you who might be reading this special piece. Music is life wouldn’t you say? Music touches our soul in ways normal words wouldn’t.

For example; when you’re in love, music has a special way of expressing what you feel. Admit it, there are songs you listen to and you’re like ‘damn!! It’s like I wrote that song myself!!’ Break up songs on the other hand, are the worst because they just bring back the bad memories you’d rather forget but all in all, jamming to different kinds of genres just give you different kinds of energy and feels.

Can you imagine a world without music?? I can’t because I believe music just gives life a lot of color. Picture this; When you work while listening to music, work becomes much more enjoyable it even moves faster. Heaven, when I’m working on most of my pieces, I use a specific kind of playlist that gives me a special kind of vibe and believe you me, when I write with my special playlist on, magic happens.

I believe people who write music or are in anyway engaged in the production process truly have an incredible gift. Putting out music that hundreds, thousands or even millions of people can relate to is like magic…

But let me ask, do you think music has lost its true meaning and intentions over time?? Guys that are not from our generation say the kind of music millennials listen to isn’t good for consumption. Music today doesn’t add any value…it just leaves you more empty than before. They at times give you a drug kind of effect that take you to the clouds then drop you real hard on the ground. Which brings up this burning question? Should we be careful of what we listen to??

Some people have over the years laid claim based on religion, that the devil has corrupted the music industry and lures a lot of people to hell…talk of Illuminati and other cults associated with the industry would you agree with this fact??

What I would rather say as Marykenya is that energy is important. The kind of energy you expose yourself to slowly manifests itself in you…so if you expose yourself to music that is full of hate and negativity…that is what you will always feel

Away from that, look at Hip Hop and Pop music today. These genres have been collaborating a lot lately and when you look at Hip Hop, it’s just filled with a lot of mumbled words that when put in a sentence, make no sense at all (90% of them). Not forgetting a lot of curse words that at times shock me at the comfortability our generation has at saying certain words.

Most music today, is filled with a lot of hate.

Note that I don’t mean that ALL Pop and Hip Hop music make no sense. But a majority of them just lost their true authenticity.

Now, away from the not so good to some positive, music is used to inspire and ignite special sparks in our soul that make us believe in the impossible. Music makes us believe that our dreams are achievable, it helps us accept ourselves in times of doubt and gives us hope that everything will be okay no matter the situation.

Music has also been used to unify people…take a look at the world cup?? There are memorable songs by Shakira and the likes that reminded us that we are universal citizens no matter the race or country…at the end of the day we speak one language… HUMANITY.

Ever wondered how we all dance to the makarena and despacito and have no idea what they’re saying ?? Music just has a special way of making us speak one language.

From a business point of view; music has been an incredible source of income for musicians or guys involved in the music industry but that only happens in systems that work. How are our systems in Kenya?? Do they hurt the artist or help him?

The music industry in Kenya on the other hand is not as confident as it was a few years back when we had our own unique sound ‘Kapuka’ as they once referred to it. Now, our music typically acts like a confused teenager. We are not sure whether to go the bongo flavor way, borrow something from our Nigerian brodaz or head down south to sample the South African beat…

When I decided to work on this music piece, my intention was to cover all the scopes concerning it not forgetting what makes music stand out. Music has changed my life in ways I couldn’t imagine and I hope this piece is a clear and unbiased representation of what music is.

Music is food to the soul…music heals…


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