Taking the plunge

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……taking that first step has never been as hard as  I thought it would be…..will people take it as serious as I do…will they accept my simple remarks, share…sentiments…will I fit in..??These are just some of the small but giant questions that kept running through my mind before I sat down on my bed and started typing.

Initially, I thought of working on an article I had done before and shared it with someone really close to me, it was good but reading it all over again, just made me laugh so hard at myself i almost cried. I was now set to correct it and make it even better,but it got to a point where it really didn’t feel fixable anymore…it didn’t sound like something that I would normally write…at that very moment, it hit me…what if am not as good at writing as I thought I was? What if I get it all wrong and get myself in an uncomfortable situation amongst my peers??The self-doubt that fell upon me really shook me to the core. I immediately put down my laptop and there and then turned to You Tube for some comfort music.

Noooo…!!!this was not supposed to be happening i had pictured it playing very differently in my head…since it was something that I really wanted to do and knew that it would bring me a lot of joy having my creation…my little love change someone and to some point bring about entertainment and knowledge to people that got the opportunity to enjoy my share

Taking it all in…opening up a new document, typing…typing typing…not second guessing my last typo…and I guess i made my case…..

Love is  a strong attraction and personal attachment to a person, object  and on that note,I fell in love with everything TV since i could come to my own self realization…my eyes were always glued to the screen and the world behind the screen seemed really fascinating and magical just to say the least.

You know the questions as a child every single grown up seems to ask you…. ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ and as proud and as confident with a big grind on my face ‘I want to be a journalist’. My big brown eyes then just made it all believable and all they could say is work hard and you will get there. Hahaha funny enough during my Primary and Secondary years  I wasn’t as sharp as Id have wanted to be so I think it was all but a dream…but God was gracious enough to give me the opportunity to sit in class and learn more about the world I found so fascinating and for sure am glad I didn’t disappoint…I count it as one of my small but at the same time great achievements in life because with that step it drew me closer to achieving what I desired most……to make my own history.

As I start my journey of share…I hope to share my experiences, love, mistakes and  the little but very significant progress as I go about  learning myself.


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  1. MaryKenya


    Great start,love the ending and afew places to correct but great stuff first solid post. keep it up.*applaud

  2. Am so proud of you….from what you wrote the first time and what you have posted…you have really grown. Continue that way and am here if you want any kind of support.

  3. Very lovely work…you have really grown from what you wrote earlier and now. Am here if you need any kind of support.

  4. Very lovely work…you have really grown from what you wrote earlier and now. Am here if you need any kind of support.

  5. Maria great article. Shukran for the brilliant & precise work

  6. Excellent Memoir there,,,,to every long journey you start with a single step.

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