The Big Move

Waking up alone in a foreign environment is wierd AF…it takes a second for my mind to readjust and after that, there’s always this pit feeling I’m left with that sucks balls but I’m learning how to get past it.

It’s the second day and all I want to do is go back home. I miss my Mom A LOT!! And how in her own way, used to try and wake my lazy self up. How could I even forget rising from deep slumber to tunes from the radio, or the endless political debates from the loud TV? Ladies and gents my Mom listened to her favorites from the kitchen while she prepared us some yummy breakfast. I miss those mornings.

… Now I mostly wake up to construction noises and echoes. I guess that’s what they call growing up.

I’m sure you’re wondering what my crazy ass is talking about!! Weeeellll….I just moved out from home and man has it been a whole different ball game. I went from living comfortably in a huge house (well not like a mansion in Karen, Runda or Malibu) to sleeping on the floor, getting to the house at 1.00am after work, in complete darkness because this little shawty forgot to pay her electric bill. SMH I know. But here’s the deal. I hope my experience moving out will provide some insight with a side of entertainment or maybe it will do nothing which will be a bit sad but oh well…

PS: I still question my move but I quickly remind myself that I need to woman up!! ‘Go with the choices that scare you the most’ they say. This one still scares the shit out of me but in a good way.

Scenario number 1

I decided I wanted to move out last year but I wasn’t really in the right financial situation. Plus at the time, I just wanted to do it for the wrong reasons(don’t ask.) But a lot has gone on in 2019 (I know, I know, it’s something that I have echoed in all of my pieces.) It gets tiring but I will continue saying it because this major event, the beast in my story, changed my whole trajectory and I decided to make some kick ass lemonade out of the very bitter lemons the universe threw at me..

So here is what I expected:

Looking for an apartment is easy peasy… Syke!! I thought looking for a house was super easy and that’s why I dragged my friends through this process for a couple of days ending up with nothing. I couldn’t find what I wanted. It was either tooooo expensive, not a very nice looking place or just in an area I didn’t like.

To some level, it was a bit frustrating but suprisingly enough, I was super chill about it because it’s a process I never wanted to rush. I wanted to find my soul house, you know like a soul mate and at last, I did and I fell in love with the place.

I remember when I got to see the space, my heart melted. It’s like I had finally met the ONE!! I was pretty much excited and I couldn’t wait to start this new chapter.

I just kept looking at the photos whenever I got the chance. I was so stoked about it but I never shared this piece of heaven with a lot of people because, I believe in the power of energy and I didn’t want bad energy surrounding this very precious moment. So let’s say about 6 people knew about it and that’s how it remained untill further notice (meaning now.) Everything else was on a need to know basis and this is how I deal with everything in my life.

My reality check!!

Moving out is super expensive 😫 like WTF!!! Stuff that I never used to bother with like sufurias (cooking pots) and curtains were just normal, (kawaida) but hearing their price quotation almost had me fainting in the shop, and ooh what a moment it was for my mother. “At least you know why I went on endless rants when you and your brother decided to wreck the house.” But now these words in kikuyu just feels too sarcastic and mean!!

Expectations being crushed like a meaningless bug.

Dealing with fundis can give you a heart attack!! Keep that close to your heart.

Working with incompetent people just frustrates me and mostly when the incompetent one makes you sleep on the floor. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, well I am but not in an ungrateful way, but in a completely disappointment tone. I don’t like people who talk a big game and end up delivering Zero!!

Lesson: when buying stuff or rather furniture I’d suggest you get a finished product trust me it will save you the stress lines.

But what have I gained from this experience? Beautiful memories ❣️

I’d be no one and nowhere without my Mom. My sweet loving mom wasn’t excited when I wanted to move out, infact she was mad at me for like two days which was completely understandable, because it’s usually just me, her and my baby brother. Me living the nest was a bitter sweet moment for the both of us. We both knew it was time but it was still difficult (gosh I sound like I moved halfway across the world hehehe). The amount of support and help she accorded me was just out of this world.

She was involved in the whole process. And she made sure I got the very best. I can’t even imagine her not being in my life, and in the end, I just want to make her super proud of me. I love you Mommy and spending mother’s day helping me move was the best kind of mother’s day we ever had.😊

My buddies… where would I be without them. I dragged them through the entire house hunting process (they literally thought I was insane) Rubobo, the go to guy for everything helped me load up my tokens at 6.30 in the freaking AM!!  (I literally didn’t know how to). I almost went back home when I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Mr. Wingman thanks for always checking on my mental state.

And as for Mr chocolate, thanks for walking with me through this journey. I hope we make it out of this wierd new phase in one piece… you know how the rest goes

I’ll be sharing more on this process as I try to maneuver through it. Oh and I would pretty much love to hear about your moving out experiences by commenting below.

So why did I move out??? Next piece loading…


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