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Love is a beautiful thing they say, find the right one and you’ll see the world different. They, whoever they’re, also say. Love is a very touchy subject because a lot of us can’t figure it out. But with this particular piece, now that I’ve gotten your attention, is all about convenient relationships so keep your tissues away and let’s dissect these ‘partnerships.’


Today and throughout history, some relationships/partnerships, have come about due to various needs that to be met. This is something that we’ve seen happening over time in the political games.

And now, my dear country people, the perfect bromance is in hot water. And to emphasize on it’s demise, we might compare it to the Natalie, Rnaze situation. It’s basically taken a nose dive.

Kenyans are always looking for the next best success story because the Uhuruto duo was basically a dream. They fit in too well….the bromance had too much chemistry considering that these two guys were the exact opposite. One was born into the good life and the other one had to practically crawl his way to get half of what the other had. So what brought these two together? A common enemy known as Baba or Rao and power of course!


What we should remember is that these people might have not necessarily liked each other but the way they packaged themselves with the help of their PR teams, their partnership was presented perfectly and that is what won over the hearts of Kenyans.

This duo has been tested since the very beginning. Since they got into power, they had to fight a lot of wars. It was basically them against the world. These two always presented a perfect front before the opposition and nothing got past these two. They even defeated the Hague! The International Criminal Court !! I mean, that was mind blowing because it had a lot of Kenyans on edge, not forgetting that the world was watching. The duo put on a show that basically left us admiring the two. But like all the good friendship stories, they must all come to an end.

So I guess the honey moon stage was done right after the re-election. Things have been different and this brings us back to the nose dive.

It’s now not as strong as it used to be. It’s now a relationship between 3 people. Ruto is being kicked out of the deal patupu patupu!! It basically feels like their great relationship is being broken up by an unwanted visitor. Which is sad for Ruto because he put in a lot knowing that in the end, he would get the same support he accorded his brother Uhuru when he vied for presidency.


It feels like a betrayal for Ruto and all his sympathisers. According to a lot of political anaylsts, (the real ones and the self proclaimed ones on Twitter), Ruto acted as the corner stone of this partnership. He did most of the heavy lifting and vote rallying in both elections and that is what is confusing to a lot of the ‘Jubilee’ supporters who are now like lost sheep without a Shepard.

The famous handshake was something that a lot of people, including Ruto was blind sided about. Allegedly!! This handshake has been dissected more than any topic in Kenya and still nobody has a definate answer.

But here’s the question, are we all playing to a script?? What is the deal with Uhuru and Rao?? Is it all about protecting the dynasties?? Will Ruto be president in 2022?? Or will Raila be the president? All these is part of a game. Chess to be specific being played by the silent players who run this country. And all we can do is wait and see how it plays out. Partnerships don’t last long and the Uhuruto partnership has painted that picture clearly.


So to any Kenyan reading this, don’t get toooo involved in this kind of politics especially if it’s not putting food on your table. If at all we’ve learned something out of these so called political games, is that none of these politicians care about our well-being. Corruption cases are at their highest numbers and nothing is being done by any politician in the government or opposition so to you my friends, let’s try and change this destructive narrative with the little that we can do. Haba na haba hujaza kibaba.


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