The power of reinvention: Always aligning myself with growth in my journey.

I’ve been on board this familiar bus for quite some time now, its best shiny parts and old rusty parts of it were what made its stories uniquely comical. It created a safety façade a lot of us came to rely and depend on, and probably why some of us decided to stay onboard, longer than we expected to. The driver, on the other hand, was sort of a familiar chap, every interaction with him was strictly on the need to know basis but even with this, I trusted that he would get me to where I needed to be.

On this bus ride, I met people who in many ways turned out to be friends, mentors, and family. We shared a lot of our experiences; we laughed together, cried, faced certain losses together, and even helped each other where we could. These people made me feel like I was part of a community that was building something important, doing right, and making a positive change.

It’s never too late

..But as per the laws of the Universe, all things must come to an end. I and those on board had reached our certain and uncertain destinations. Some of us weren’t ready to get off but some of us were pretty excited about the new chapters.

It was an exciting feeling watching the rest of the people on board work up the courage to be brave and ready to face the journey’s uncertainty. It gave me hope that yes; things would be better…better than what we had here. The bus had served its purpose for me and deep down, I knew taking my chances somewhere else was the right move. And thus, my destination was nearing and I had to make a choice. Not just any choice, but a brave one.

Think less and do more

…it was my turn now and I was ready to get off. Excited, scared, a bit confused, and in a weird but calm way, I felt at peace. It was a cold night and only street lights lit the way…a couple of people got off at the same point but we each had our separate destinations. An envelope was handed over to me I figured it held information about my next move, plan or next stop but to my surprise, it only had a couple of things written on it…My name and at the tail end of it, a good luck wish from what was addressed from someone called the Universe.

Ha! This was just hilarious and more confusing but I decide to walk up the road and find somewhere to settle in and figure out my next move. Walking down a dark deserted road was scary obviously but I had no choice but to move…I got to a crossroads that had me all confused about which way to go and that’s where I stopped. I felt weak and a little bit defeated because in my head, this was supposed to go completely different. I was supposed to be on a kick-ass adventure…but little did I know, I was actually living out my dream!!!

…I’m at a crossroads in my life, in a complicated relationship with myself and the world right now and mad at the universe for letting me down but in a way, I know certain things needed to play out before settling.

One minute I had it all figured out and the next I didn’t have shit!! I was working on my career and my dreams and then all of a sudden, that career had to come to an end. This didn’t come as a surprise to me. because I saw it coming and in most ways, I felt like it needed to happen for me to take on the next step which was; taking over the world but, what I hadn’t realized was that I didn’t necessarily need to take over the world, I needed to take control of my life. I needed to look in before facing the world.

Crossroads moments

For change to be effective, it needs to go beyond the superficial. Tackling my toxic tendencies head-on was, and still is one of the most excruciating processes I wouldn’t want to go through again. I came face to face with habits that weren’t desirable at all. These habits just kept letting me down over and over again but before this huge change, I didn’t think much of them especially because I had something to fall back on. The sad part about this was that I thought I would lose if I finally came face to face with the monsters.

It’s been crazy stupid hard but worth it. Now more than ever I know I’m on the right path to building Marykenya. I’m still trying to figure shit out. I was employed right from school. Employment was always a positive driving force for me because it helped me open up my mind to so many amazing opportunities. It’s what helped me connect and even build Marykenya to what it is up to now. Without it, it’s been weird but navigating through the weird phase has been funny, awkward and the most fulfilling task so far. It’s given me the time I needed with Marykenya and boy have we grown!!

A chance for Marykenya to thrive is the best kind of motivation the Universe could ever give me…and for that, I am grateful.


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