The Review: Blood & Treasure

Treasure hunts are fun right? I’m always down for a good movie or a TV series that incorporates fun-filled treasure hunts. However, my sole purpose here is to find out whether the latest installment joining the TV Fam is a ball of treasure or not.

When a friend recommended this series to me, I had already created a mental picture of what it would entail. The name Blood & Treasure got me hooked because I thought it would entail a lot of darkness, the unexpected betrayals, the inhumane killings (GOT style), and mystery that would have me at the edge of my seat. But it turned out to be the complete opposite.

And so the watch began:
Watching it, I felt disappointment pierce my heart. My expectations were high and being let down by a Movie or Series I was excited about, hurts like a heartbreak.

Character breakdown:
Describing the two main characters as easy on the eye would be an understatement and quite frankly, an injustice. These two are basic snacks and a whole meal rolled in one. (I guess this was used by the casting director to keep us glued no matter what!)

The two are presented us complete opposites; one upholds the rule of law, and the other disregards it completely. They’re forced to work together for the greater good, and also to bring up an old flame they had in the past. This is from time to time brought to you by flashbacks that are placed to help in the plot layout. (It’s quite distracting if you ask me.)

Nothing stood out for me but there’s this thing that kept popping up; the series kept giving me Librarian vibes. For those who know about it, tell me if you feel the same way. (They even have a character from the Librarian in this one.)

If you were looking for an Indiana Jones replica then I don’t think this series is for you. Or for anyone in that matter.

I would categorize it as a light series:
This is a series that doesn’t require much of your attention. You can watch it while using your phone or even chatting with your friends. You won’t miss much. It’s a forgettable series! The scriptwriting is weak and their efforts to bring in comic relief is cringe-worthy.

So if you’re looking for a series to binge-watch during the weekend, I woudn’t advise on Blood & Treasure, but who cares about what I think?

It’s not all bad though:
The visuals are good and the series also gets to take you on a journey across different continents but it goes ahead to take a special interest in Europe. If you’re like me who just melts when you see the famous architecture from countries like Paris and Rome, then your traveling (tingles) will be awakened. The adventure continues!!

Overall rating 3/10


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