The review: Drunk by Jackson Biko

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Story telling at its best!! Is the ideal review I’d give the book. A day was all I needed and honestly speaking without any biasness, it was a damn good read. I didn’t want to put it down.

…I went from page to page seeking to uncover the mystery that kept me hungry the whole time.

It’s simplicity was clam…all it did was draw me in. It’s a story told in so much ease using very user friendly English (simple), mixed with a bit of Swahili, the comical reliefs that were placed in the least expected places and wait for it, the name dropping of familiar places within our borders (Kenya) that was a personal favorite..I could finally relate!!

Drunk was my first,

It revolves around two major stories that don’t seem to relate to each other but end up meshing and connecting seamlessly that it just left my mouth ajar!! The ending is one that leaves you sad, happy, confused and floating. I had to close my eyes and face the heavens for the answers I was seeking.

I found it warm because it speaks a language a lot of us understand:

In this journey called life, we find ourselves on paths that at times lead us to self sabotage and we end up running away from our demons. Not everyone gets to win and all I can say is that we find some of the answers here.

Addiction and depression is also something that a lot of people are facing right now…how are we choosing to deal with it?

So to finish this off before I ruin it for you guys, I advice that you buy this book I highly advise it for light readers because it’s about 200 pages. Plus I believe it will have you hooked.

Let’s promote our own!! I believe local and African readers have a lot to offer.


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