The Sick Referral

The whole essence of the existence of medical centres is to give hope to those who are ailing. Easing their pain and giving their mental and physical well-being a clean bill of health is the key goal. When one is sick and it gets a bit worse, one chooses to seek medical advice from the hospital. When you get there you know that they will help ease your pain and they will give you a solution to your problem. But what happens when the thought of going to the hospital gives you chills and makes you second guess your option? What happens when you’d rather do self-medication than go to the hospital?

Well this is the case with a majority of hospitals in Kenya. The medical services are just pathetic. There’s really no way to sugar coat the situation; and this makes it even worse when the biggest referral hospital is the center of everything wrong medically! Sadly we live in a system that is just wrong and full of corruption that has, as a result, affected our health system.

Patients sleeping on the floor, babies getting stolen, getting unnecessary brain surgeries and not forgetting the rape allegations on mothers, from the maternity wards by mortuary attendants are just a tip of the iceberg. All these allegations sound like something lifted off a very terrifying movie, I wish but this is something that is happening in our country and not much is being done to at least try and resolve the situation.

Now Kenyatta National Hospital has been hitting the news for all the wrong reasons. This calls to show that the level of negligence has now sky rocketed to unimaginable heights.

So what is wrong? Who can address us as Kenyans and state what is ailing KNH, because the biggest referral hospital is suffering from something that is more than a cold. It is dealing with a cancer that seems to be spreading so quickly that it might finally leave KNH lifeless. What then happens when this becomes the case, where will we take our sick? Oh wait, or I’m I addressing people who don’t care about what happens to KNH because they only visit Nairobi hospital or fly out when they get a tummy ache…Okay saltiness aside,

These are the times one wishes walls could speak and maybe those in KNH would try and decipher the situation. Is it pure sabotage? why is this all of a sudden blowing up now? What is really going on?

Not only is KNH is the biggest referral hospital in Kenya but in East Africa too. So it not only owes allegiance to us, but to the East African community. That’s a big deal right? But from what has been happening lately one would just prefer to seek medical advice somewhere else.

Not all bad though, Kenyatta National Hospital has also experienced success stories such as facilitating the separation of the famous twin girls. A big win…but in this case, the bad outweighs the good.

Being the biggest referral hospital also means they have the best facilities to help cope with the critical illnesses such as cancer, and others such as facilitating dialysis to patients with kidney problems. But are these equipments serviced on a regular basis so as to give the best service?

The  issue also comes in with the services. How the hospital chooses to conduct its services is the biggest problem in my opinion. Besides having the best facilities we have the best, physicians/doctors in Kenyatta. So is the problem based on being under staffed?? Is the pay that bad? But they just got a major salary boost or are they just too greedy that besides working for the hospital, choose to concentrate on their own private practices? Are our morals so screwed up that we choose to take health as a joke? Good health equals abundance in life if we have come to a point of taking this lightly then who have we become?

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