The unexpected chapter

After receiving his medical report, Dan took a seat on the benches outside the hospital. He took a deep breathe…and for the first time, he felt alive. He could feel everything; the sunshine he had taken for granted, people’s chatter as they walked by and the fresh air that brushed up against his face…he realized how beautiful everything around him was. It’s like he was feeling all these for the first time.

He took out his medical test results and trying to read through the jargon made it worse. ‘Maybe they made a mistake,’ or maybe this is some kind of a sick joke the universe is trying to play on me’. At that moment, he didn’t even realize tears were running down his face. He quickly wiped  them off because he didn’t believe in crying. The only time he did was when his team Chelsea lost to the most unexpected team ever not forgetting the money he had put on them…as he was wiping  tears off he realized how silly that was and even chuckled for while.

He had to leave the hospital soon because he had taken a quick break from work to come pick up the results. He had booked a meeting with the bosses to show his latest assignment and progress. Dan was a tech specialist head of his team based in Nairobi. He was quite brilliant at what he did and that’s why this presentation was special to him.

At the office, his colleague Kim was rushing towards the conference room holding his laptop in one hand and dozens of files on the other. “Dan we are going to be late for the meeting stop slacking and move it buddy.” He said as he rushed to the door.

“I have to keep my shit together. Just this once. I’ll go break down somewhere else.”…I’m guessing you want to know how the meeting went…well, the meeting went exemplary well…Dan gave it all he had…he did it like the last presentation he would ever have because in his mind he knew that it would probably be the last one…he left the office that day as the last person trying to get work done, served as some distraction but at that moment…he asked himself…is this all that I live for? work…work and work…well it pays the bills, takes care of my folks and my small family but is that it.?

‘When was the last time I went to church…?’ he asked himself as he stared out his office window…the traffic and the lights in the CBD served as a great view…it served some memories too…this was where he kissed his wife for the first time.

A funny story he thought to himself…they had planned to go on a vacation in Naivasha but the location was hidden from her. He had planned to wow her of course so he picked the best location he could find. The day of departure though, the work load was too much but he had faith they would still make it. At around 8pm, Hellen made her way to his office where they had agreed to meet so as to live together. Hellen found a very stressed out Dan who had no way of telling her that they couldn’t make it…Hellen got him to his feet looked into his eyes and told him. ” I don’t need a vacation for me to kiss you for the very first time…she leaned towards him and did just that.

He got home a bit late, Hellen was sleeping on the couch waiting for him to get home…she was so relieved to see him she gave him one tight hug as she tried helping him with his coat.

“Darling where have you been? I’ve been waiting for hours…your phone was off I thought something bad had happened to you.”

“Nothing is wrong.” Dan replied as he sat down on the couch. “I was just catching up with work.”

She sat next to him…”okay then are you hungry??I’ll try warming up something for you.”

“ just need you to sit next to me…let me hold you for a moment…” he held her face, looked into her eyes and realized how lucky he was to have her…she was the best part of his life…she kept him in line…she brought about this feeling no woman had in his life and he was glad he married her…but in the midst of all these thoughts going through his mind, a tear dropped from his eye and at that instance, Hellen sensed something was wrong.

“Dan what is wrong? You are scaring me…”

“Nothing is wrong honey…I just love you very much..” a tremble would be heard in his voice

“Nooo! something is wrong!” she stood up and started pacing around their living room. He in turn stood up to help her calm down…

“Hellen…calm down…” he said as he held her arms… “I need you to listen to me…okay?”

“Okay.” She said…”Baby what’s wrong?”

“I have cancer… I don’t know how I don’t know why?…but it happened to me…” the news was too hard for him to deliver and the same time take in because saying it brought it into more existence…the news felt more real when he said it and he fell to his knees…Hellen followed suite held her husband and at that moment she realized that she had to be strong for him.


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