The unexpected COVID News: The Rona ain’t playing keep safe!

Staring down my phone, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I felt a bit hazy which made my trip down the elevator uncomfortable. The sudden unexpected news felt like a slap!

 “Daaammmnnnn!!! Is this a prank??”

Checking the date it was in fact, the 1st of April but who would have the guts to pull such a nasty prank especially at this time?

When the lift hit the ground floor and opened up its doors, I didn’t even care to get my eyes from my phone. So as I was stepping out, I ended up hitting the next person ready to access the lift. Disoriented and a bit pissed, I looked up and Robert had this shocked, corky look on his face.

“Marykenya kwani what’s up? Watch where you’re going or next time, you might lose a tooth!”

He said laughing holding the doors to the lift.

He hadn’t seen what I had read. He didn’t know the kind of confusion going on in my head.

Cue in the office loudmouth…

I got into the bus and just as it took off, Halsey with her usual loud self, decided to bring everyone’s attention to the update that was posted on one of the Whats App groups work platforms.

“Wase! You guys! Who’s checked their whats app? Rebecca has just been rushed to the hospital!!”

Gasp!!! You could cut the tension with a knife!!!

“She kept complaining of a headache and chest pains plus did any of you notice she sort of had a weird cough going on?”

You could see worry, smell it even. 

Could she be a Rona victim?

Was the only thing running through our minds… We were afraid to voice it of course because God forbid!! So we just decided not to give it power that evening. 

Getting home though my mind went into overdrive. All these scenarios kept playing out on my mind…horrible ones at that.

‘What if Becks was infected? What would it mean to her, her family, and all the people she was in contact with?

What scared me the most is that we had spent a significant amount of time with Becks that day. Our work schedule for the day required us to work closely to complete certain tasks and all my brain could do was try to go through every activity we did together…I was going crazy because all I did was second guess even the simplest of actions!!

It’s funny how things can change in an instant I thought to myself. A simple message can change your perspective on everything.

I felt a little bit selfish as well. Instead of calling Becks to find out how she was, I was selfishly worried about myself.

Fast forward to the next day during our lunch break, that was all we could talk about. Word on the grapevine was that she was feeling much better and had been referred to one of the hospitals in the country conducting the COVID-19 tests.

So it was a waiting game from here. We had entered the uncertain phase where all speculation was welcomed and all kinds of scenarios played out in these discussions. But there’s one thing one of my seniors said and this just changed a majority of our ideologies.

Leaning back and with a sharp look in his eye, he caught our attention…the room went silent

“Right now, is the time to take care of each other…Corona is spread by you and me and since we are some of the people who need to be at work, we have to be extra careful with our interactions.  

Remember when you take care of yourself, you take of the rest of us, the people you have to interact with and the people at home. When leaving the office go straight home no going to funny places.

“The problem with most people from your generation (millennials) is that they don’t listen…you think this disease is a joke and isn’t contracted by the youth. I guess the statistics have proved otherwise. And then again what would be gained if you contracted the disease from a situation you could have easily avoided?”

The murmurs that followed the statement seemed to agree with what he had said…

Let’s take care of each other 😊

Out of the woods!!!

Thankfully so, the results came out negative!!!

We all let a huge sigh of relief!! Becks was going to make a full recovery from fatigue and we were glad the scary Rona face was behind us.

With all the press conferences that we’ve been listening to during this Rona period, the pandemic still feels very foreign even with the social distancing and in some cases total lockdown. To a lot of us, it still feels like we’re watching a movie where we’re still waiting for the avengers to swoop in with the antidote and save the day.


It’s because this disease has not yet hit us where it really hurts and what I mean by that, is a lot of us don’t know anyone close to us or who has had it or died because of contracting it. So as of now the people who have been infected or sadly died are just statistics or just numbers.

How can you explain or make sense of the fact that people are still holding parties at this time, with all the restrictions that the government has given out? Even moving around in an ambulance just for the thrill of parting without being noticed with the authorities?

Some of our leaders have even been arrested having been found holding parties, the people who are supposed to set an example.

How will the curve be flattened if we choose to be careless with our lives and other people as well??

Right now the people who should be out are the ones who are referred to the essential service crew. But then again, it’s not an easy time for a lot of us especially when it comes to finances and economics. With an example of Kenya my home, total lockdown has not been implemented only curfews. This allows a group of citizens who need to be working to make ends meet to do so as long as they follow the government’s directive like:

  • Having a face mask on.
  • Always maintain good hygiene by always washing your hands and using hand sanitizers. (Don’t touch your face!!)
  • Keeping the one-meter rule when in a public place and also while using public transport as well.
Social distancing

If there’s one thing this disease has taught us is the aspect of taking care of each other. We should stop looking at these statistics as numbers but as souls…actual people who are infected by something very dangerous and as souls that have been lost as well.

Take care of yourself t take care of everyone around…let’s aim to flatten the curve…we will beat this an win

Ww shall overcome!!!!

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