The Untamable Beast

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I’ve known you as one of the most fascinating creations by man and right now in the year 2017, people all over the world in access to you have their lives consumed in you. We live breath and sleep media of any kind…you have taken control over almost every aspect of our lives…

Media according to the internet is the collective communication outlets or tools that are used to store and deliver information or data. It’s  something that  has extensively grown over the past few years from newspapers (magazines), radio, the  cinemas, television sets and the fastest growing outlet now, the INTERNET.
Who owns the internet one may ask? Nobody does in fact, according to ‘It’, No one actually owns it, and no single person or organization controls the Internet in its entirety. The Internet is more of a concept than an actual tangible entity, and it relies on a physical infrastructure that connects networks to other networks.( You heard it! Right from the horse’s mouth!

Social media has become a source of entertainment for us, a place where people get to meet and create long lasting friendships and relationships as well as giving people the chance to get to air their views and opinions that have been able to impact people’s lives in a positive way. such topics may include fighting for basic human right just to name one. In addition to these, it has also been a place where businesses have been born and other business opportunities have grown as a result of this amazing platform where they get to reach their customers and potential customers. Social media has given us a boost in various aspects of our lives and anyone in access to it has benefited in one way or the other.

Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter have given me a platform to share my simple yet unique journey with the world. It gives me a warm cozy feeling knowing that when I put out a piece, it’s in access to a whole bunch of people but with the positives though, the negatives also reveal themselves and I’m afraid that this time they outweigh the positives.

… I’ve seen a dark side of social media which breaks down people, relationships and organizations.

First of all can I just state that I’m a recovering social media addict and the process of recovery has not been easy especially when you’re in WI-FI free zone…It’s hard to take your eyes off the screen or to lift your head and associate yourself with the rest of the world or even concentrate on assignments at work or in school…you find yourself online doing nothing at times just scrolling through numerous timelines closed off from the real world. Experiencing this other realm is fascinating I won’t lie especially through sites such as Instagram and Snapchat who now provide live videos and allow us to experience the fascinating world of celebrities we adore and follow on these sites. Following gossip blogs and trending topics is another addictive interest on the web and let’s not forget the betting sites which have practically taken Kenya by storm.

People…! Let’s not forget about being human and basic human interactions…I’ve seen people lose their jobs and important relationships as a result to committing their entire existence to social media. Learn how to use it in manageable portions and we’ll recover together.

The internet has become a place where people tend to focus on all the negatives too. It’s where people, are objectified for their, race, tribe, sexual preferences, the shape of their bodies, religion and so many issues that cannot be all stated on this platform. It’s where all the weak bullies confine to pick out other human beings like experiments which isn’t right. These statements have made most of the affected parties weak and in a position where they resent who they are, where they came from and who they want to become.

Let me make this clear, nobody is immune to cyber bullying; old or young, men or women, black or white; pretty or not, we are all susceptible to it although our teenagers are usually the hardest hit. Think about it, being a teen is not easy. This is a stage where one is learning about themselves and experiencing all these dramatic changes in life not forgetting the raging and unstable hormones. Who can forget about the mood swings and uncalled for outbursts of rage? (Laughs)I can’t! Adding on the mean jobless people who probably hate their lives and are using the internet to pick at you doesn’t help either.

I’m not a parent but one thing I know as a former teen is that a parent can’t control every single thing you do in your life.  They can’t control what you do in school or what you look at when you are with your friends so I think the best advice is to create a certain bond with your children when they go through this stage in their lives. Guide them…be their friend but don’t forget to be their parent too. (For the internet nitpicks this is entirely my opinion!)

Now here is an interesting theory I came across; is it true that most of the people on social media living it up is all fake? Is the fake it till you make it phenomenon living through social media? Are the women living it up on social media paying a hefty price behind closed doors? Tisk tisk!

I have no problems if you throw your flashy lifestyle on social media. Throwing praises on yourself for a job well done…how you’re trying to keep your hustle real…how you’re shutting down your haters with your paper. We get it! You’re living the life! But please…you are not the only person fighting battles in your life. You don’t see the rest of us parading our victories. Heaven! Every time we wake up in the morning is a victory so in some ways we are all winning in life..!

Body shaming; this topic hits close to home. It is an issue women have faced over the years and something that has been dragged out to social media. Being told you’re not pretty because of the color of your skin and the shape of your body. You’re either too big or too small; your butt is not big enough your lips are either too big or too small. If you’re a colored lady and you’re not light skin you’re not pretty enough and if you’re a light skin you’re either stupid or a whore. Please excuse my language but is it really fair how we treat the women in our society? We demand them to look a certain way in order for us to accept them…No that’s not right at all! And mind you this doesn’t come from the men alone but from fellow women too.  I believe that now in this generation women with big butts and light skins are the in thing that was not the case five years ago. It just goes to show that body sizes have now diminished to trends this is a sad sickening affair…SMH

This has led to so many women changing the way they look through surgery and other devious ways to go along with what society wants them to look like…but no! And no! And no…! All women are beautiful…! Tall short…Slender plus size…big butt small butt light…skin or not, love yourself first. There’s no way you’ll ever please everyone in this world. If the people around you don’t like the way you look cut them off. If it’s social media stay away from it until you find yourself and find your voice. There’s a place for each and every one of us. We are all differently beautiful and realizing that is the key to accepting our uniqueness inside out. 

I just realized how much I shouted over that topic but it’s something I think women have suffered from including me and the best reward from this struggle I must say is accepting who you are, valuing yourself, working on what you can change and accepting what you cannot. Self-realization and growth is an amazing feeling! Now moving on swiftly…..

Elections! Elections! Elections! During the year 2016, we witnessed the world’s most powerful country have one of the most controversial elections in history and social media played huge part in their elections. Social media was used as a campaigning tool by the different supporters of the different parties but it was also used, to spread hate by different communities which was sad seeing it play out on Twitter mostly. The African American community on the other hand as well as the Mexicans, used this tool to spread awareness on equality among the races that were involved. Also on the subject on minorities, women activists used this tool to spread awareness they needed to protect themselves from a running mate at that time that allegedly disrespected women. I believe that was a worthy enough course and I got to learn a lot about what was really happening in the world…I can’t really say much about this but as a citizen of the world this election meant a lot for everyone…it was a make or break election for various communities around the world.

….Now I speak as a Kenyan who is about to go through yet another election to choose various leaders who will guide the country over the next five years.  Social media as we have seen during the past has been used as a vital tool for elections. I plead that this time it will be used to spread awareness, peace, love and unity. Kenya is our country. We are made up of 42 amazing tribes that I can’t even name them all but the need for peace to reign is not only important for us, but also for the generations to come. Let us not use social media to spread hate to our neighbor just because we don’t speak the same tongue. No tribe is superior than the other…We all have a right to vote for whoever we want and that’s an independent right that has been given to us by the constitution….let’s use it for the right thing. Let’s not burn our country.

Dear Mr. or Miss Internet….I refer to you as the Untamable Beast…you have no master…you answer to no one…We can’t close you down so what can we do? For now…I think the best way is to learn how to regain self-control. This to me is the key and can go a long way…It’s up to us to take a stand first before we face the Untamable Beast…let’s use the beast for the good instead of the bad…and maybe…just maybe we might be able to conquer this Beast.

P.S…These are some of the issues I was able to raise here…the ones that I could personally relate to or some that I’ve seen people close to me go through I’ve tried really hard to shorten the article because the content was a bit too much but I believe and hope that with the topics raised above I’ve given them the justice they require.  One is free to accept to reject or to even contribute to what has been stated above…I believe that all opinions coming from the right place matter.



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  1. a good read and comeback….really enjoyed it,a very enlightening piece.

  2. There is whole lot and debatable issues relating internet. It a virtual component tending to take away peoples virtues. With its pros and cons the human race has the mantle to make it a safe world or a danger zone. Great!

  3. MaryKenya


    Wow. What an amaizing piece , now I know things I did not know.

  4. MaryKenya


    Nice piece.. I hope Kenyans can learn from it..

  5. ….I have no problems if you throw your flashy lifestyle on social media. Throwing praises on yourself for a job well done…how you’re trying to keep your hustle real…how you’re shutting down your haters with your paper. We get it! You’re living the life!…..

    Of the big vocabularies,, the continuous “buffet” of intriguing points in the article,, this pops up as the best bit(personal opinion). A dash of sarcasm,, brutal truth in a calm and sweetly constructed way…
    Mary,, i love this piece. *double thumbs up*

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