The Valentine’s Dread!!

Valentine’s day is upon us…A day a lot of us dread present company included. It’s one of those days you’d rather float by, work through, study or hide if you can. It’s even worse if you’re single when all these couples are all up in your face smothering you with all the love they have for each other. (Gag reflex!)


Social media is also usually a mess!! Couples take the opportunity to paint our walls with their love declarations to each other…lame if you ask me but hey, it be a free world out here! Let’s not also forget the weird posting of body parts that automatically establishes; ‘That I have a bae but I’m not ready to introduce him to the world pictures!!!’ Okay, we get it. It’s important to hide these identities because you never know who you might be sharing your bae with…

Spy mode😎

Other than it being a torture fest for the singles, it’s also a pain to a lot of people in relationships. The biggest being the pressure that comes along with comparing how some couples choose to celebrate their valentines!! (It’s very important to stay on your lane.)

There are couples who believe in the mantra go big or go home!! Extravagant baectaions, over the top dinners and getting each other expensive gifts are usually high up on their list.

Baecation vibes 😘

Now listen, if you as a couple know very well this is waaaay out of the ballpark for you then please don’t even front, don’t even think about it, that is not for you…Tosheka!!

And this special announcement goes out to the ladies; so many times we tend to pressure the men to pull off the impossible at the moment. Don’t do this. Don’t ruin your relationship based on one day.

And if you know your man is fully capable of doing this and he’s not, then just know he’s either doing it for someone else, or you’re simply not the one.

Also, also, who said that valentines should entirely be left for the men to pull off. Why should they always carry all this ‘burden’ of pleasing the women? I think when it comes to making your spouse happy it should go both ways.

Both partners should go out of their ways to make the other happy. Women should take it upon themselves to make their men happy. Get him something he always keeps saying he wants. Send him that MPESA message that makes our heart beat ten times faster, get him that car, get him a ticket to his favorite band or even just dedicate the day to making his day easier because god knows how we love stressing them out.

Both ways 😎😎😉

Guys are human too and they deserve to be pampered, cared for and appreciated as much as we love it to…so do something.

My take on the men’s conference: I feel like it’s a cry for help. Men are tired of always carrying this load every year and that’s understandable but there some bum men who just want to use it as an excuse to do absolutely nothing.

But in reality, take a close look at these men advocating for the men’s conference everywhere!!, those are the ones who usually go all out for their women…so if you’re following the crowd, stop!

But how do you choose to celebrate this love fest day? As a couple? With friends? Or on your own? A little advice just do you. Do what makes you happy. Do what makes your partner happy. . And as for the couples who keep throwing this quote to faces; ‘everyday is Valentine’s if you’re truly in love,’ well happy normal day to you..’

I hope you get to survive!! Sending you the best!!!


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